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A departments of two trade of hand lathe work bought actually in 4S inn: Be susp
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How cannot “ of dispatch of golden hill net think of again, I am in the urban district the 4S car sale that a credit is class A buys new car in inn, in one's hand hind became two handcart unexpectedly. ” the day before yesterday, citizen Ms. Zhao is complained to our newspaper.

Before a month new car already “ name flower has advocate ”

Ms. Zhao is told, on July 27, she is in Zhenjiang limited company of service of some car sale takes a fancy to a Xue Folan 08 models. The salesperson that recieves her says, the company has ” of car of group of a batch of “ , the price but privilege 5000 yuan. That day, ms. Zhao handed in 1000 yuan of subscription to order to the company 08 comfortable model car, had talked about each charge such as new car price and start off at that time aggregate 4. 80 thousand yuan.
On July 29, ms. Zhao is paid and all more than, the salesperson tells: “ hands in insurance to do procedure again first, can drive the car the following day came home. ”8 month 2 days, ms. Zhao takes a car.
When what dealing with the formalities that register to car canal on August 6, ms. Zhao discovers amazedly: This car is early before a many month already “ name flower has advocate ” . The reporter sees the bill that opened this piece on June 27 go up, car advocate it is Xu Mou, amount is thirty thousand six hundred yuan, unit of make out an invoice is limited company of service of sale of Zhenjiang some car.
The new car that “ buys in one's hand hind became two handcart however. In heart of ” Ms. Zhao very unhappy, but she have no alternative, after all car section already paid. Ms. Zhao discovers this car already had formal license plate, not be salesperson place say temporarily license plate. Ms. Zhao is in charge of place to check to the car, the card that petties official some went up on June 30, that is to say this redemptive car is two handcart really.

New car opens two handcart bill unexpectedly

“ besides taking receipt of 1000 yuan of subscription, still take a piece of two handcart to sell unified bill, the amount of bill has 30 thousand yuan only. ” is not flavor in Ms. Zhao heart.
Ms. Zhao is told, she has been checked on the net, price of this new car is in 4. 80 thousand —4. 280 thousand yuan, increase each cost, start off is in 4. 90 thousand yuan fluctuate, that is to say Ms. Zhao was spent 4. The money of 80 thousand yuan of new cars bought a two handcart, the company also did not give her privilege 5000 yuan. Ms. Zhao is told, she listens to a salesperson to say, this car tail gas discharges a standard of the Ⅱ that amount to a country, belong to wash out a product, the shop sign cannot attend after, accordingly, the price should be lower. Ms. Zhao feels she falls into decoy, have the feeling that be deceived.
On August 6, ms. Zhao drives the car the company, new car of requirement company change, the salesperson says chief is not in Zhenjiang however, do not agree to meet all the time.
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