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Two handcart new rule publishs Chengdu call a car to string together string it i
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Rose on June 1, the Chengdu City is carried out " two hand wagon flow connect management to implement measure " ; a few days ago, bureau of tax of hall of Sichuan province business affairs, Public Security Department, industrial and commercial bureau, state is released jointly again " the announcement that about strengthening two handcart current management works " , make specific provision to the construction of two handcart market, management, emphasize a natural person must not acting as with individual name two handcart are strung together. Think inside course of study, of two policy come on stage the effect that to the standard order of two handcart market has get effect instantly.

New rule stems ” of black hole of two handcart “

In 9 promote a highway to go up, a few strings string together a station to be in roadside, the car that sees associate with cries buy; Inside two handcart market, the broker company business that can pursue business of two handcart intermediary only originally is secondhand the business of the car is prosperous; The car with not perfect formalities, face-lifting car sees what …… sets come on stage in everywhere of two handcart market, point to these non-standard phenomena continuously just about, stem ” of black hole of “ of two handcart market.

" method " regulation, two handcart trade directly ought to trade in two handcart undertake inside the market, the natural person must not be engaged in two handcart managing with individual name or offer relevant and paid service. " announcement " trade to two handcart the market and of all kinds management main body, if two handcart are broker orgnaization, secondhand,the scope of operations of car distribute enterprise undertook more clear specification, according to the regulation, enterprise of two handcart distribute can be engaged in two handcart buying only, sale, must not be engaged in intermediary, broker and for other and secondhand the car trades provide service room. Two handcart trade the market can open a country to enter the two handcart of our market distribute only the unified bill of tax office supervise the manufacture of, must not be other and secondhand car market and enterprise of two handcart distribute are offerred or acting invoice, must not be engaged in two handcart ancient bronze mirror deciding evaluated management activity. Orgnaization of two handcart broker cannot the in any way is engaged in two handcart buy, sale, appraisal is evaluated. The natural person must not be engaged in two handcart managing with individual name or offer relevant and paid service.

Can see, each compasses choose a site for the capital was aimed at the problem that two handcart market exists generally, after policy is carried out, before ” of car of business of “ broker company, natural person undertakes two handcart are managed etc string together string of phenomenon to will make the history.

Two handcart receive the trademark good environment
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