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Nanning city industrial and commercial bureau centers punish to spell the behavi
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Nanning city industrial and commercial bureau centers punish to spell the behavior that assemble a car illegally

Nanning of window of people net Guangxi on June 26 dispatch To discarding as useless to be strengthened further car reclaims enterprise and the superintendency of two handcart management market, the standard is secondhand the car sells behavior, blow spells those who assemble car illegally to violate act, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumer, in the light of discard as useless currently car reclaims the market is non-standard management case, nanning city industrial and commercial bureau decides to come to stopped on July 25 from June 25, use the time of a month, concentration is begun inside whole town limits punish discards as useless car reclaims the enterprise that tear open solution and action of two handcart management market.

During centering punish, investigate the key the following illegal action: It is to not have according to manage, exceed limits to manage discard as useless the behavior of illegal violate the rules and regulations such as car; 2 be illuminate to not have manage or exceed limits to manage the action that provides ground; The 3 behavior that are false conduct propaganda, con consumer; 4 it is to forge, risk with other factory name, the site of factory, certificate of approval and the act that violate trade mark right; 5 it is management smuggling, illegal use discard as useless " of 5 big assembly and other spare parts spell car " outfit car perhaps sells discard as useless car truckload, " the " of 5 big assembly, behavior that spells outfit car; 6 it is to was not obtained discard as useless the car reclaims enterprise qualification is maintained, do sth without authorization is engaged in discarding as useless the car reclaims activity; 7 it is to sell what cannot continue to use discard as useless car spare parts spells outfit car to perhaps sell discard as useless car spare parts did not indicate " discards as useless the car answers the act that uses a " . (Wool country is promoted)

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