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" contract model of two handcart buying and selling " apply in the whole nation
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Recently, the country is industrial and commercial total bureau applies inside countrywide limits " contract model of two handcart buying and selling " . This contract model asks to undertake test and verify to two handcart origin not only, still car whether be accident car in bringing into a contract, listed all sorts of car that exist possibly are injured in detail, so that consumer is in,can contrast one by one, discriminate carefully. Contract model makes clear a regulation, the car information that if sell a car the person,provides is truthless, the person that buy a car has authority to ask the bargainor recoups a loss. This goes up from the system undoubtedly normative of two handcart trade, reduced the possibility of consumer of flicker of ” of ox of two handcart “ .

Newest data shows, our country accumulative total trades first half of the year two handcart (car) 503 thousand, grow 32.88 % compared to the same period, among them two handcart of Guangdong clinch a deal the quantity surmounts new car first. Well-known, although the amplitude of two handcart is swift and violent, but ” of problem of “ sincere letter remains the disharmonious voice in two handcart market, block up the development of two handcart market. Below this kind of setting, " contract model of two handcart buying and selling " although not be fierce medicine,come on stage, but it is potion effective prescription really: Still Lu dregses of rice breed of  of  of  of rare  charm fetterses to grey word dainty of tip of Kongyue of care of outskirt of hesitating of  of talk in one's sleep of  of  of paddy of breed of  of Yu of sauce of ⒍ of  of boundless and indistinct of Yong of  of Pai of Shun of agitate of Lu of  of form of ┬ of sodium stop up bites   a legendary venomous insect puts smooth ㄉ treasure

In recent years, the two handcart brand that like Shanghai the manufacturer of numerous and famous car such as masses of general, Shanghai, one steam masses devotes oneself to to make his in succession, cropland of one steam abundant also begins to found two handcart to manage recently. In these brands in two handcart, start no matter magnitude of morning and evening, scope, be without a ” of be concerned aboutingly “ sincere letter to regard construction as the keyword of the brand. According to Chinese brand “ of general motors of the inaugurator of two handcart, Shanghai sincere new relevant personage introduces two handcart ” , ” of “ sincere letter is to make “ sincere new the principle of value of brand of two handcart ” , also be management crucial place. Investigation shows, for the customer that buys a two handcart to wanting, the price often is not the element that is put in the first consideration, most consumer pays close attention to the safety performance of two handcart more, for example the accident car that car passes repair. Set his mind at in the process that buying two handcart to can invite customer, be at ease, “ sincere new formulate of two handcart ” decide strictly and unite a standard of the car to the accident, include 7 kinds big 106 detect strictly flow, put an end to accident car, operation car, illegal car more strictly to sell final user. That is to say, in new come on stage " contract model of two handcart buying and selling " in whether is “ accident car ” in one column, “ sincere new two handcart ” is forever the picture on ” word is denied to tick off in “ , assure the rights and interests of consumer to the greastest extent.
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