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Henan removed car of Ⅱ of country of standard of executive country Ⅲ to go up
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Henan removed car of Ⅱ of country of standard of executive country Ⅲ to go up as soon as possible please in July card

Issue date: 2008-05-19 origin: Great river net - the great river signs up for an author: See yuan of advantage

“7 removes a country 1 days month to will carry out Ⅲ of motor vehicle country to discharge a standard, and Ⅱ car still has our state a few inventory. ” business of a car discloses to the reporter, approve car to be driven before setting day to handle this, at present they are increasing favourable strength. The reporter understands, henan car city still has partial model to did not reach a nation at present Ⅲ discharges a standard, in the time that is restricted to still have 1 many months greatly in the distance, country Ⅱ car in succession considerably privilege, favourable extent is in mostly 10 thousand yuan of above.

Phenomenon: Low of ” of car of “ country Ⅱ is handled

We receive “ national hair changes appoint new catalog announcement, after July 1 car of ’ of standard of ‘ country Ⅱ will cannot deal with again register the formalities that register. Car of ” Zhengzhou city is in charge of Li Hongqin of section chief of division of institute vehicle Wu to tell a reporter, according to the regulation, pollutant discharge standard of national motor vehicle the 3rd phase is restricted to be worth (standard of Ⅲ of country of the following abbreviation) begin to be carried out inside countrywide limits since July 1.

” of standard of “ country Ⅲ carries out shortly, however the reporter understands, masses of the one steam in Henan car city, Shanghai is general fasten mark of gram, east wind to send wait for partial brand to still the model that Ⅱ discharges a few countries was not handled end. How to solve these stock cars that did not amount to mark, become many car firms at present most vexatious difficult problem.

“ treasure comes, fast the privilege that vacate is in 10 thousand yuan of above, stride vacate highest privilege to be able to be amounted to 20 thousand multivariate. One steam of ” one car business tells the masses the reporter, to digest these car as early as possible, they sell a car in be out of pocket now. After be being bought to prevent a client go up not in time card and bring about finally cannot go up card, they rolled out “ to include the kind of car of carry out of list price ” , give before the client is bought remind clearly. If “ is not handled really, after that is forced to give these the shop sign on car first, sell again, although can count only at the appointed time,two handcarts are handled, but if cannot go up,that loss meets the card bigger. ”

We still have “ now a few countries the car of Ⅱ , because favourable strength is great, worry to be not digested before be restricted greatly far from so. ” Shanghai is general some car business shows, although some of consumer minds car to arrange the issue that does not amount to mark quite, but because the price is very inviting, so still a lot of consumer are willing to buy.
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