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The Guangdong since July saves new car to will carry out a country completely Ⅲ
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The Guangdong since July saves new car to will carry out a country completely Ⅲ standard

Recently, guangdong province government is released " prevention and cure of pollution of exhaust of Guangdong province motor vehicle implements plan " (next abbreviation " plan " ) , put forward to rose on July 1 this year, complete province new car is registered register carry out a country in the round with countrywide synchronism Ⅲ discharges a standard, bead trigonometry strives to carry out a country ahead of schedule Ⅳ standard. Complete province superintends aggrandizement car, build motor vehicle tail gas to control system of administrative information network, wash out a country stage by stage Ⅰ and country are using operation car under Ⅱ .

It is reported, guangzhou city already took the lead in carrying out a country on September 1, 2006 III standard, begin to carry out mark of motor vehicle environmental protection to run a system this year, predict to began to be restricted to go to amounting to the motor vehicle of mark 2009. Bureau of Guangzhou city environmental protection expresses to the reporter yesterday about chief, guangzhou does not have the plan of standard of executive country IV inside nearly 9 years. This controller expresses: “ is current III standard has not achieved the nation completely, basically be a country III supplies a problem oilily. ”

Complete province supplies a country stage by stage since this year III is oily

III standard is saving the country completely after carrying out, oil is tasted supplying is the problem that an everybody cares very much. " plan " put forward, rose on January 1, 2008, supply stage by stage in area of Pearl River delta accord with a country the car of Ⅲ standard uses finished product oil, reach progressively promotion to be saved completely. Since October 1, 2009 bead trigonometry area is supplied stage by stage accord with a country the finished product of Ⅳ standard is oily, save completely since October 1, 2012 supply entirely inside limits accord with a country the finished product of Ⅳ standard is oily, among them derv contains sulfur content control to be under 50ppm. Before October 1, 2010, bead the oil gas that trigonometry area completes library of gas station, oil storage, tank truck entirely reclaims to administer the job integratedly, will rise on January 1, 2010, complete province finishs oil gas to reclaim to administer the job integratedly.

Current, oil of Ⅲ standard finished product supplies the country plan by province classics trade appoint take the lead, jointly with concerned branch with in petrifaction, medium oil is made.

Exhaust is unqualified do not get start off travel

" plan " still put forward to want to build motor vehicle exhaust to detect regularly system, detect cent is road sampling observation and park ground sampling observation nonsked undertake, the motor vehicle with road unqualified sampling observation, instruct deadline maintenance by public security mechanism; Park ground (point to the unit that owns 10 above motor vehicle) sampling observation is unqualified, instruct deadline maintenance by environmental protection branch, be in by concerned regulation in order to fine.
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