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Car of standard of Ⅲ of Nanjing executive country will be installed compulsivel
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Car of standard of Ⅲ of Nanjing executive country will install “OBD” system compulsively

Began on July 1 from this year, standard of ” of “ country Ⅲ begins to carry out, the new car that the citizen buys amounts to the card on mark ability. As we have learned, to control increasingly serious tail gas pollution, new car still will deploy a kind of car to hold diagnostic system, once tail gas is not amounted to,mark will call the police continuously.

Environmental protection branch also reminds: Since July 1, light-duty car achieves ability of level of ” of “ country Ⅲ to be on Nanjing card, consumer is sure to check seriously before buying a car; The car that the other place turns into Nanjing city also must achieve change the name of owner in a register of ability of ” of “ country Ⅲ to turn book; The citizen perhaps brings back car from the other place before buying two handcart and plan to turn to be sure to understand relevant provision to be asked before Nanjing plate; Do not get a sale not to amount to mark car, various agency should be handled as early as possible do not amount to mark car inventory.

As we have learned, with what differ before be, before the card on car of ” of “ country Ⅲ , already was carried to diagnose a system by car of compulsive installation “OBD” , whether does the tail gas that uses monitoring car to discharge amount to mark.

Concern chief introduction according to branch of Nanjing environmental protection, OBD basically has two kinds of functions, it is tail gas discharges pair of car to whether exceed mark to undertake record and calling the police. In the meantime, once tail gas exceeds mark to be able to limit travelling speed and farthermost travel space automatically. Travelling speed can be enforced to reduce 40 kilometers / the hour is the following, or farthermost travel space has 100 kilometers only.

Origin: Contemporary wall bulletin

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