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Two handcart city quickens 3 big questions to must be solved this year
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Origin: Two handcart cities of Chinese

Recently, chinese steam wagon flow connects Luo Lei of association deputy secretary-general to forecast, two handcart of our country trade this year gross hopeful exceeds 3 million. But, relevant section thinks, tax rate level of admittance of differ, management main body is low, evaluate the worry such as occupation standard without unified appraisal the problem that two handcart industry develops our country, also must get settlement as soon as possible.
Car of Ya Yun Cun of Beijing north celestial bodies trades Su Hui of market center general manager tells Shanghai negotiable securities the newspaper, beijing the two handcart of annual traded 2007 the quantity achieved 350 thousand, new now car depreciates ceaselessly, force two handcart to follow suit depreciate, of two handcart devalue rate is low, [By screen advertisement]
Accurate new car is much, these are consumer favour the main reason of two handcart.
Occupy Luo Lei to analyse, promote the development of two handcart market has a few big factors this year: Above all, average per capita of our country town can control income increase rate to exceed gross domestic product first last year (GDP) increase rate, expand inside need to become a possibility, car market still will continue to grow quickly, also will drive two handcart market to maintain high speed to grow at the same time. Next farmer income increases. This year, the benefit of our country farming policy will make more farmer rich rise. The two handcart markets of rural that have tremendous progress latent capacity will be farther outspread. The 3rd, transfer the summit is imminent. The new car that sells before 2001 is entered update period, two handcart trade the volume will rise subsequently. The 4th, of all kinds and secondhand car management main body moves toward maturity. Two handcart trade the market upgrades through the service, extend service connotation, implementation develops again, continue to act as the mainstream trades mode; Shed those who understand taxation problem to solve as two handcart, company of two handcart distribute expands ceaseless development; Finally, displacement business will make the powerful engine that two handcart market rises quickly.
Introduce according to him, two handcart are low age change had become in recent years two handcart market one big characteristic. Luo Lei tells a reporter, accurate new car already made the new appearance of two handcart market, show continue to develop posture. Before last year 5 months, use fixed number of year trades in the accurate new car of 3 years of less than 37.07% of gross, than last year the corresponding period is 2.98 high percent; And use fixed number of year is occupied only in the two handcart of 10 years of above trade 6.31% of gross, with the corresponding period kept balance basically last year. Visible, two handcart are low age change the one big characteristic that has made two handcart market.
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