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Shanghai illicit plate planned to revise according to the standard on auction ne
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Origin: Car 007 newspapers

Forehead of car of first time illicit spent Shanghai to already produced the favorable result that move price after the adjustment that passes relevant policy 2008, but first the auction is adjusted also appeared a series of problem. What appear to answer the likelihood when sending a card in March is difficult, the reporter learned from management board of Shanghai city traffic recently, shortly spends the held specified amount March on sale relevant policy can be changed somewhat, specific plan is in formulate.

   Modification detailed rules is in formulate Revise network passageway above all

The reporter learns from management board of Shanghai city traffic, at present the illicit car forehead March spends auction regulation to may be changed, but specific content has not decided. “ everything is no-go now say, have intention only but concrete step has not decided. The relevant personage of management board of traffic of ” Shanghai city is being accepted when interviewing, express so.

In the meantime, the reporter pats a company to understand from Shanghai country, at present they also are in and study new sale plan about the branch, the hope can make on sale measure more reasonable. In the meantime, shanghai country pats a company to express, the network pats card regulation to will be revised. Predict to be in March bid in the process, the person that bid enters a system to bid, will have certain time regulation, initial tentative plan is time limit 10 minutes, if what do not bid is in inside formulary time, give the ” that be kicked by systematic “ , the person that avoid a large number of blame to bid thereby holds network passageway.

  Small quantity, old car plans to set special performance vehicle of real operation support is little capacity

Disclose according to lab of industry of automobile of center of Shanghai economy information, modification plan bids besides the network outside regulation, at present the forehead spends small quantity and old car to whether bring into motor vehicle forehead to spend an auction to also be in research.

Concerned branch discloses, it is OK that the license plate forehead of the small car that discharge an amount spends an auction spend with forehead of private passenger car execute feasibility of two on sale to be being discussed, look from current condition, if small quantity puts illicit car forehead to spend auction system, small special amount is established very likely to auction special performance in this city. But whether this necessary and relevant section is undertaking delibrate.

For this, the personage inside course of study expresses, measuring car license plate to offer a sale for small only is the real operation of vehicle of Shanghai government support is little capacity, because establish small quantity to auction special performance hind, the license plate forehead of the small car that discharge an amount spends the price to may have apparent privilege, this also is a measure of vehicle of local support is little capacity.
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