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Hunan Province carries out bank generation to receive maintain a road to expend
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Bank generation closes, POS brushs the calorie of pay, site that collect fee artificial pay, concentration makes an appointment the branch that sign check comes to serve etc, car advocate the maintain a road with OK and free the most convenient choice expends pay kind, if car advocate forgot pay, the branch that sign check still can send a short message to remind ahead of schedule. The Hunan Province traffic that held on Feburary 29 asks for delay record be careful in one's conduct to check working conference, to Hunan Province car advocate brought these good newses.

Hunan Province asks for check bureau to express, the the Changsha City entrusted bank generation first times to receive traffic plan to expend in Hunan Province last year. This year, hunan Province will be in other the city zone of seat of 13 city state is carried out in the round entrust bank generation to collect traffic plan fee. Outside closing except bank generation, hunan Province still will carry out POS machine to brush cost blocking capture in the round this year, car advocate should carry bank card only, can go to the lavatory to brush cost blocking capture quickly independently in the site that collect fee. In addition, the branch that sign check still rolls out concentration to make an appointment come the measure such as the service.

Divide outside maintain a road is started to expend quick pay channel inside Hunan Province limits, hunan Province still will continue to begin the special processing that attachs most importance to a dot with ” is being hanged to administer outside “ car to act this year, increase to escaping secretly the check strength of plan cost traffic. The branch that sign check still will strengthen the communication with the branch such as Wu of policeman, duty, agriculture machinery to coordinate share with information, zhang of perfect car stage, strengthen to adding car newly dog management, raise new car naturalization to lead.

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