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Next year hair power does not have measure of brand sale government manufacturer
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Last year on April 1, national Department of Commerce was promulgated formally " car brand sale runs way " (the following abbreviation " method " ) . This one regulation ever was importing what car domain started network of a sale to change. Accompanying what ” of “ accredit representative makes to carry out, the “ that imports car domain strings together string of ” and business of car of commodities from abnormal channel less and less, market order received a standard. And at present, " method " the power that will sell a system to show it again in homebred car again: According to the requirement, the order that original car dealer needs to set according to new rule and conditional application turn the brand agency that is car supplier accredit, and this also means the dealer that did not catch car manufacturer to affirm accredit to will not continue to make work car. Its deadline will be delayed to this year on December 31, be opposite that is to say for enterprise of distribute of blame accredit car, “ is born to had been placed before with the choice of dead ” .

   Predicament: Not accredit car business is faced with a bureau

Basis " method " relevant provision, the program that original car business need sets according to ” of “ new rule and conditional application turn the car brand agency that is car supplier accredit, the agency that did not acquire accredit formerly criterion can or piece bureau or hang lean or apply for accredit to manufacturer afresh. Because this are new politics in stipulate all cars will execute brand service, the price that because agency of this car brand carries out car supplier even strictly,establishs and service rate.

Besides, new politics the aptitude that still makes clear applicants of pair of car brand agency had limit: The network that its must accord with car supplier plans and already obtained its brand car to sell accredit, foreign investment establishs car brand agency to divide outside according with afore-mentioned aptitude, still ought to accord with " domain of foreign investment business runs way " concerned regulation. Public figure of Chengdu city industry tells a reporter, ” of doorsill of this one “ actually not low, agency of the 2 level that mean those doing not have to obtain manufacturer authorization in fact, 3 class and majority do not have the agency of actual strength to will be faced with a bureau, “ is simple for, the car business that did not acquire a brand to maintain next year namely will not leave a sale bill. This is deadly to them. ”

  Outlet: Exit car city or 2 class are hanged lean

Chief is accepting Sichuan car related current association when interviewing, express, at present business of car of Chengdu city majority has made relevant preparation. As we have learned, city of great majority Chengdu had been finished by the agency that use a car put on record the job, brand brand shop and 4S inn had made the principal part of sale channel of car of Chengdu car city.
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