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Begin to buy two handcart not to cross a cost of the plan that owe pay to return
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Will buy two handcart to want to notice henceforth, must see place buy car to whether owe pay cost of each transportation plan. The reporter understands from department of the transportation that visit town yesterday, next year I save traffic plan cost to collect have many adjustment, car business not change the name of owner in a register owes cost by new car advocate assume. In addition, to temporarily license plate car, discard as useless car, tractor raises the bill of travelling expenses to waited to make specific provision. Two handcart do not pass door owe cost to return new advocate

Two handcart trade increasingly prosperous, the issue that owes cost of capture transportation plan about two handcart among them is increasingly outstanding also. Yesterday, I save door of the Ministry of Communication to release a message to say, two handcart change the name of owner in a register needs to hold proof of transfer ownership of bilateral certificate, car and traffic plan to expend capture settled proof, deal with concerned transportation plan to expend formalities of change the name of owner in a register. Did not deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register to cause the leakage, compasses that owe pay to expend,

Discard as useless the car is not cancelled should draw out maintain a road to expend

Not little in the past car advocate think oneself car has discarded as useless, paid no attention to without giving thought to, ignored cancel to door of the Ministry of Communication; Henceforth but cannot carelessness, car discards as useless to be not cancelled, door of the Ministry of Communication will come to urge pay plan to expend, press normal cost maneuver to ask for. Door of the Ministry of Communication reminds a car advocate, car discards as useless, answer to be in charge of a branch to deal with motor vehicle to cancel to public security car first, hold motor vehicle to cancel a proof to expend the orgnaization that sign check to deal with to local transportation plan discard as useless formalities, stop since second month proof.

Temporarily appearance of license plate license collects fee

Buy a new car to escape to steal plan cost, left several years still is not to go up license plate, such petty trick is bad henceforth to made. Cost of plan of Zhengzhou city transportation asks for check to be in explanation of Wang Guiqin of section chief of the division that ask for a canal to say, before before long, province hair changes appoint, province finance hall, province traffic hall combines dispatch, cost of new car maintain a road presses day plan to ask for since the day that buys a car to open bill, every tons everyday 6 yuan. In addition, the file returns a regulation: The in the road that promote use motor-driven car that “ saves production to me, orgnaization of check of Fei Zheng of various transportation plan is uniform the actual tonnage that presses the car that promote use and in way nature number plan asks for maintain a road to expend, expend frontal plan to ask for by a period of ten days no longer. ”
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