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Begin to buy two handcart not to cross a cost of the plan that owe pay to return
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Autocycle cancels manual ticket

Rise next year, tractor and bill of cost of autocycle maintain a road will be united entirely print bill for computer. Yesterday afternoon, zhengzhou city traffic asked for check department clerk to produce the bill that is about to use to the reporter, imprint above hall of finance having a province and the cost of maintain a road that visit traffic office collect special seal, without such bill, car advocate can refuse pay.

Pay maintain a road expends privilege period to lengthen

Before maintain a road expends pay one year, car advocate can enjoy 2 months privilege, pay half an year can enjoy 1 lunar privilege. Since next year, favourable range is same still, what what differ is, went up to adjust in deadline. Arrived from December 11 in the past second year was active pay privilege on January 31 period, since next year, privilege period is adjusted to arrive from December 1 second year on January 31.

Following car avoids capture maintain a road to expend

Yesterday, zhengzhou city plan expended the branch that sign check to reiterate to avoid the limits that collects fee of maintain a road, the basis saves governmental regulation, always the car of army of legionary, armed police and build the bus that the travel on circuit secures inside the area in the city only, branch of safety of fair, check, law, department is pensile alarm beyond the patron wagon that uses license plate, fire engine, other vehicle is uniform do not grant to avoid proof.

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