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The country considers editing motor vehicle discards as useless compulsively sta
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On July 6, go up by the joint meeting that use a car in the whole nation, the industry analyses a personage to divulge, " motor vehicle discards as useless compulsively the standard sets (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " already was in in brewing, the new rule after editing updates those who quicken a car, promote car consumption, did not come 4 years, hopeful of market of our country car increases 1.5 million sales volume every year accordingly.

The whole nation analyses a personage to express by the joint meeting that use a car, new rule discards as useless change car the active regulation of the respect, what quicken a car thereby is newer. In new regulation, will change pair of cars to use fixed number of year and index of travel course of development infirmly, car of the carry that be not battalion wants the car that examines through safe technology only, OK start off. In the meantime, new rule will discard as useless compulsively inside cycle of check of a machine, successive 3 unqualified car. New " regulation " still will increase travel mileage appropriately to most model, in order to balance the error in use course of development of motor vehicle accumulative total. Power examines the project also will replace project of existing oily bad news, in order to eliminate the car with function wronger index.

Analytic personage points out on the meeting, because old motor vehicle discards as useless the standard is incommensurate already expand a demand, new " regulation " edit will more the need that gets used to development of motor vehicle market. New " regulation " update those who quicken a car, enlarge car sales volume, will promote the quality of two handcart at the same time, fade out of the two handcart such as lord car, accident car, enlarge the sales volume of the car further.

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