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Old Che Xinzheng- - without original bill old car classics is examined but chang
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Yesterday from classics trade appoint know, the city that do not have stannum publishs two hand wagon flow to connect those who run way to carry out an opinion, comprehensive standard is secondhand the car trades, prevent and hit pilfer to grab, go all out smuggling, illegally outfit, discard as useless the irregularity that waits for car trades behavior.

Stannic city is secondhand the car trades in recent years with year the rate that raises 50 % develops. According to not complete count, without stannic the city zone two handcart traded last year the quantity is amounted to 1. 30 thousand, add shade of the upper Changjiang region, appropriate to promote can amount to more than 20 thousand. Old car trades is the 40 % left and right sides that whole town adds car newly to count. At present whole town has formal two handcart to trade the market 6, but trade illegally under the counter, ox infestation, trade without card, evade taxes escapes the problem such as cost also abounds in. For this, without the stannic city relevant provision according to the country, join case of this city circulation market, made administrative way.

According to formulary requirement, two handcart trade the market or distribute enterprise must want to have fixed business place and show field. To final user the sale uses fixed number of year to be in in 3 years of less than or travel course of development the car of less than of 60 thousand kilometer, can offer 3 not less than months or the quality of 5000 kilometers to assure to mix for consumer after service. Two handcart trade the enterprise should undertake two handcart are bought lawfully with the sale, establish after service record, do not be engaged in two handcart intermediary serving. The orgnaization of two handcart broker that major is engaged in intermediary must not be engaged in two handcart buying directly, business activity, agent must not undertake activity of two handcart broker with individual name. Trade the two handcart of illegal car trade market operator manages principal part with two handcart, ought to assume the legal responsibility with implicative liability to pay compensation and corresponding other.

Executive opinion connected each link to also make particular demand to two hand wagon flow. Two handcart trade the market is in with two handcart management main body trade in the process, by the regulation collection serves cost, the collection standard that serves expense wants check and ratify of classics prices branch, the enterprise must not be reduced at will or raise rate. To the two handcart without original bill, examine via concerning a section, evaluate, authorized hind, allow to turn book, change the name of owner in a register. Without the car of affix one's seal of test and verify of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, door of the Ministry of Public Security must not be dealt with on card, change the name of owner in a register, turn the relevant formalities such as book.

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