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Two handcart trade ticket of all alone of the card that need all alone- - build
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Fulfil to be carried out seriously " management of car brand sale implements measure " and " two handcart are current administrative measure " , city of Lanzhou city industrial and commercial bureau is in charge of 2 substation innovation to superintend means, adopt include a car to sell an enterprise to must build archives to put on record, two handcart sale must all alone card alls alone 3 of the content such as the ticket new measure, aggrandizement car market is superintended.

It is reported, the measure that city of Lanzhou city industrial and commercial bureau provides 2 substation to adopt basically has execute enterprise of brand car distribute to add archives to put on record system. Enterprise of brand car distribute adds archives content to include: Car of photocopy of business charter photocopy, brand car certificate, brand
Pattern of industry of distribute of car of supply agreement photocopy, brand sells contract sample book. Execute two handcart to trade system of ticket of all alone of all alone card. Ask two handcart run a company (bargainor) the two handcart to him place distribute are relevant formalities, build archives to secure distribute contrail; Buyer should ask for car in time to the bargainor legal proof, proof. Legal proof, proof basically includes car: Accredit sells two handcart a power of attorney (original) , photocopy of the certificate of photocopy of Id photocopy or unit proof photocopy, card of motor vehicle travel, motor vehicle that register, car purchases tax pay taxes to prove Xerox to wait.

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