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How does rainstorm day drive low speed travel observes more
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Stormy weather drives, want to accomplish an examination to love a car very much above all, especially the lamp, rain is brushed implement the component that waits for easy oversight to produce main effect in rain again however, many people arrived to issue wet, the rain that just discovers oneself is brushed implement did not work, made catastrophe then, perhaps use rope, perhaps wipe by hand, meeting the car to leave to maintain a station, undertake repairing.

Secondly, often check oneself around plate namely, some people since plate mount, pass without reexamination, screw loosened, dropped, do not know, encounter seeper to flow suddenly, fall off very easily.

Thirdly, should accomplish abide by traffic order, obedient policeman is directed. Every time when the rainstorm comes, many cars advocate be eager to coming home, abide by traffic regulation at ordinary times also become fretted rise, block up more urgently more then, jump over chaos more urgently, go against safe drive a vehicle already, also go against fast dredge, cause car inundation flameout more easily.

Its 4, encounter car to be wided flameout circumstance, not successive long strike a light, such meeting attaint engine and storage battery, and should shift the car nod from seeper, wait for professional rescuer arrival, may cause greater harm to car otherwise, maintenance cost and difficulty can increase. Its 5 it is the soup such as the rainstorm when next jockeying, avoid certainly all round have withered tree deadwood, the top of head has simple and easy building to wait, be in car place as far as possible normal parking lot, if encounter road surface to be out of shape circumstance, want to move away the car in time, avoid to cave in, cause harm to car.

If car issues travel of as it happens to be on the freeway in stormy weather, the step that should take is above all lower rate, because right now wind- driven meeting brings about directional out of control, wet slippery road surface can cause tire to add exert oneself to reduce, the line of sight of the driver below rainstorm environment is bad also at the same time; Still have even if never stop at will on the freeway car take shelter from rain, and want slowdown to drive the car to serve an area; The action of lamplight must make full use of below dim on the freeway rainstorm weather additionally, ensure safety of drive a vehicle.

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