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Green divides peculiar smell with car fruit very economy
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The with environmental protection be closely bound up place on car body is really too much, however we are in the process that use a car however often oversight the operation method of ” of green of a few “ .

Advocate broad car advocate “ green drives, environmental protection uses car ” is our open up the original intention of this small column. Hope ” of environmental protection of a “ uses authority car, the green that is the earth buys scanty power.

Speak of environmental protection using a car scientificly, healthy to oneself be in charge of also is the attitude that a kind of green uses a car. Car advocate in using car process at ordinary times, car condition is opposite a lot of meeting oversight to affect healthily: The peculiar smell inside for example car keeps clear of not in time; Detect when air conditioning system is top-heavy and clean etc.

Car advocate Miss Wang: Last week when my daughter drinks milk on board, pour bottles of whole milk not carefully inside the car, lay between one after in the evening, a big bad taste inside the car. I put a jin tea, sprinkled some of perfume again next, ventilated below burning sun hind, the effect is a bit better. But open door to still smell the following day pungent stink, want to consult how can you solve thoroughly?

The master raises action: When peculiar smell appearing inside the car, had better find smell source, if just use all sorts of method purify peculiar smell can take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure. If have unidentified liquid,create rare delicacy at ordinary times, proposal car advocate the cleaner disinfection that cleans all carpet to use a dew and so on.

Economy divides flavour way substantially:

Citric: 9 lemon, cut two half (do not cut also go) , be put in door or sundry place can be placed inside the car, after spending period of time, peculiar smell will be very fast purify. The method of get effect instantly is a few fresh lemon is put in air conditioning mouth, open air conditioning, can make the air inside the car kosher, fragrant before long.

Bamboo charcoal: This also is the good thing of purify peculiar smell, there is charcoal of a lot of bamboos on market (also have activated carbon) do except peculiar smell product, buy to be put inside the car, cross peculiar smell of period of time to also can keep clear of, nevertheless bamboo charcoal should remember next basking in taking the sun constantly.

Besides, if the intertropical fruit fragrance such as pineapple is special heavy, and place is hydrous cent, the fragrance of dense can send out for long, also be the natural “ air with special practical economy ” of pure and fresh agent. Funk, spray inside the car perfume is take temporary solution not the method of the effect a permanent cure.

Car advocate thunder gentleman: Car window often is opened when I drive at ordinary times, use outer circulation, but come down for a long time the dirt flavour inside my discovery car is very big. Excuse me how purify?
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