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Must notice the wrong method of air conditioning
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1, jockey air conditioning rests —— is wrong

Recently, reporter discovery, some is factitious alleviate fatigue, or it is to jockey wait for a person, get on car place in driveway edge, lock door window, open air conditioning, “ enjoys ” cool those who bring is comfortable. Have more very person, some people are flat opening air conditioning to lay on saddle chair to sleep to become aware greatly.

Can you be you know? This kind of practice is breakneck. Steam repairs expert Li Jinmin to say, when the engine of the car is working, if the benzine combustion in cylinder is not complete, can produce carbon monoxide of tall pH indicator.

The car is when travel, because air passes air conditioning equipment to produce convection, the density of the carbon monoxide inside the car is very so low. But stop when the car sail and air conditioning continues to open, door window airtight when, the air inside the car cannot convection, if the carbon monoxide of engine eduction leaks take a car inside, can build up gradually and make its chroma elevatory, happen thereby toxic, die even.

Some cars advocate say, when I open air conditioning, it is OK to open a window to breathe freely at the same time safe and sound? The answer is negative, if you park the car in the garage, opening the word that air conditioning takes a nap, even if is opening a window to produce risk probably also, because the garage also is a relatively sealed place actually, produce carbon monoxide concentration likely also exorbitant and bring about the happening with toxic carbon monoxide.

Clew: Car advocate often had better check bonnet and batholith flat, when discovery has waste gas leak inside the car, unfavorable open air conditioning, should not open air conditioning to sleep inside the car more, lest produce risk.

2, open air conditioning to smoke inside the car —— is wrong

Rest or some of person jockeys is when waiting for a person on board, open air conditioning, light a cigarette, it is relaxed and clinking it seems that. But such doing,be harmful to your health, the truth is very simple, because door window is of lock, so aerosol is discharged at a draught do not go out, very the eye that naturally can stimulate you and respiratory system. If you made ” of “ a craving for tobacco,can be, do not smoke right now, you will be very afflictive, good, give you a small proposal, air conditioning ventilated control adjusts position of “ eduction ” , at this moment, the aerosol inside railroad car can discharge dispatch a vehicle smoothly outside.

Clew: Jockey air conditioning is original and harmful, you smoke again, really the fault is added on the fault, still be Buddhist monastic discipline. If cannot help must smoking, remember must air conditioning ventilated control adjusts position of “ eduction ” .

3, —— of temperature of random selection air conditioning is wrong
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