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Danger of car of inn of 4S of choice insurance fluoroscopy goes regular
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Recently, gentleman of reader the Qin Dynasty is being cast a problem is encountered when protecting, I just bought “ a car, the price that sends inn of the 4 S when protecting to give now is 7 lose privilege, after its acceptance be or get out of danger, their meeting whole journey offers a help, and themselves still has the right that decide caustic, complete duty I need not fill up long car again when manage compensate pay, assure to foster cordial relations between states the car. However the insurance intermediary outside can give out on car danger price lower discount, just they do not let me spend money to be able to foster cordial relations between states the car when unwarrantable manage compensate ” .

Face two kinds of different “ alluring ” , car advocate gentleman of the Qin Dynasty does not know why to choose. There also is a few to indissoluble in his heart at the same time with anxious, why the insurance of 4 S inn will be relatively a few taller, and after be or get out of danger whether can he save a person's mind to enjoy “ really does free ” repair the pay of the car?

Is risk of car of 4 S inn higher than insurance intermediary?

Actually 4 S inn follows “ the insurance discount that the insurance intermediary outside gives is basic it is same. It is insurance company only give car dealer % of 15 % ~20 return a dot, regard the representative of car dealer as commission, insurance returns one of bit of origin that regard agency as profit, a lot of circumstances fall and did not invite a client. And rather than the insurance agent outside 4 S inn or intermediary, it is to strive for a client to often be met on normal discount privilege foundation, insurance company return a dot to invite a client entirely, this causes people to think to buy a insurance is expensive main reasons in 4 S inn just about. ” a personage inside course of study discloses to the reporter.

To this, inn of some 4 S is in charge of the staff member of car danger saying to reporter explanation, “ is exterior phenomenon this. Because besides these prices, the human nature that 4 S inn can provide insurance agent or insurance intermediary cannot offer changes a service, after be like car be or get out of danger, car advocate should drive the car only come over, other be finished entirely by person specially assigned for a task of group of 4 S store. And what maintenance of 4 S inn uses is former plant certified products ” .

So, as the car advocate how should choose again, “ buys insurance namely be at ease, pursue blindly be economical, often be just the opposite to what one wished, the insurance rights and interests that lets oneself is damaged. Personage of ” some insurance also points out, a few non-standard insurance intermediary companies are “ pursuit sends risk measure, often can attract a client with ‘ low ’ , but often put in ’ of be bored with of cat of a lot of ‘ again in the backside of low, if be commerce likewise 3 person danger, on insurance application of 4 S inn keeping the specified number is 150 thousand yuan, but insurance intermediary to show low advantage, will protect the forehead possibly to fall reach 100 thousand yuan, insurance cost nature is low also, this can make the car that does not understand insurance advocate it is cheap to think oneself were occupied by accident. Accordingly, cast it is clear to when protecting, want to understand carefully, cannot look only low-cost. ”
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