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Choose major to wash car fluid to protect the car lacquer that loves a car
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Wash the purpose with the most primary vehicle or the besmirch that drop a car to clean, guang Yongqing water is to be washed for certain sordid, will wash a car with what, have too paid attention to. Wash what car inn uses to wash car eradicator in the market now, can divide basically it is 3 kinds: The washing powder, essence that wash clean, special the fluid that wash a car. Some cars advocate go washing car inn, see the staff member is washed very seriously, the hubble-bubble of catharsis flies all over the sky, pretty of ability of ” of “ cleanness, decontamination is strong, again dirty car appears be nothing difficult, washed hold out clean from outside it seems.

If you want to know washing car inn after all is,be in with what you wash a car, you can be held with finger hold, with nose Wen Wen those hubble-bubble, meeting discovery is washing powder!

Washing powder is damaged to car lacquer very big, if use washing powder for a long time to wash a car, the surface of the car can lose luster gradually. Washing powder is right of car lacquer corrode short-term inside see very hard, so a lot of cars advocate do not know among them fierce. Boss of the inn that wash a car knows perfectly well washing powder to be able to destroy a car, why be used even? Prime cause is washing powder cost low, get effective fast. Also some inns that wash a car wash a car with the essence that wash clean, what merchant buys is general it is to be similar to the tun that meal industry uses to wash clean essence, although tun washs clean essence to be compared only special the fluid that wash a car is cheap a few yuan, but still be inn of the car that be washed is used extensively.

A boss of car hairdressing inn says: “ is special the fluid that wash a car is neuter, won't damage car lacquer, but price comparing washs clean essence slightly a bit more expensive. Water cost is more and more expensive now, the gain that washs a car is smaller and smaller also, so inn-keeper reduces cost in ground of leave no stone unturned. This boss still disclosed ” the hang of a resolution, see the both hands that washs lathe work when washing a car namely. If wash the hand of lathe work to become white, the fluid washing a car that that proves to he is used has a problem, wash a car for a long time with alkalescent scour.

The current that washs a car also has skill. From the point of appearance, washing a car is a simple physical labor only, do not have any skill it seems that, but the current that washs a car also has very much exquisite. A bit more professional inn that wash a car won't come up to use high-pressured squirt mad spray absolutely, general the first must fine water flows slow, from go up to rush downward, take away the dirt grain that touchs on the car with current. If use high-pressured monitor at the beginning, that waits to let dirt grain do ” of “ attrition motion in car lacquer surface then.

Sometimes, car advocate often wash a car in roadside inn for save trouble, if you observe carefully, can discover to there is big silt in their bucket, brush a car to do not have distinction with sand paper. The towel that some inn that wash a car use also is fall into disuse in guesthouse come down, have harm to the car likewise.
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