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Daily drive a vehicle is sure to keep in mind to inspect tire 3 attentions
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Tyre pressure attention is timely adjust aerate pressure is exorbitant, tire is easy and dissilient, be in especially summer; And pressure is too low, car obstruction increases, oily cost raises accordingly.

Examination attention mixes tread frequently to often be in definitely bad road besides next travel, be about the nail that acuteness has frequently on decorative pattern of examination tire tread, stone and cullet, lest stab tire.

The decorative pattern on tire face wears away certain level, change in time with respect to need tire. Wear away to be remained only when decorative pattern normally 1.5 arrive when 2 millimeter, meeting discovery has a specific number to appear on tire, the tire number of different name is different, but there is a specification on the manual. Be about to change at this moment tire.

Around embryo appropriate notices the fixed change provision according to manufacturer, travel arrives after certain course, want to exchange the tire of around each other. Because of both bear loading capacity differs, wear away to also differ, so OK make the best use of everything, prolong the service life of tire. But, should notice meridian tire is mixed inclined make tire change means is different. Former it is around exchanges point-blank, latter is horizontal 8 words change.

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