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5 summers use high temperature early-warning the car is cool and refreshing way
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Changchun is successional high temperature weather of a few days, let a person almost choking, while people is enduring high temperature weather to suffer, the car also is accepting test.

As air temperature lift gradually, as a result of the problem of car oneself or outside reason, phenomenon of ” of “ spontaneous combustion is very outstanding. So the ” of “ fire demon that faces arise suddenly, how should prevent and should how should prevent and be opposite? Professional personage was done to this solve in detail.

Area of area of reason of car spontaneous combustion is watched

“ causes car fire to have a lot of reasons, the happening that does not live all sorts of matters probability each are not identical. Analysis of Gao Fei's master says ” some motor repair shop, below a lot of circumstances, the spontaneous combustion accident that the reason such as ageing of car leakage oil, electrical wiring causes held great majority, generally speaking, roughly the following kinds of reasons can increase the odds of car spontaneous combustion greatly: Benzine is in charge of ageing of leak, electrical wiring; Engine oil, gear-box leakage is oily; Electric equipment changes his costume or dress; Use the issue that maintain, because maintain undeserved, engine is too dirty; Smoking, deposit the factitious element such as lighter. In these elements any one can cause accident of car spontaneous combustion, so proposal driver cannot ignore any detail.

Analysis of fire control department says, accident of car spontaneous combustion is sent high, have affinity with the closest high temperature, the car issues travel for long in burning sun, bring about temperature easily exorbitant and spontaneous combustion, change his costume or dress especially the car after transforming, circuit falls in high temperature more the “ fuse ” that became fire.

Produce spontaneous combustion how to do

The expert thinks, calamity of a lot of on fire did not deploy fire extinguisher to bring about fork truck to destroy content thereby on the car. Fire extinguisher of “ even if cannot destroy fire completely, also can command igneous force temporarily at least, the fire control officers and soldiers such as protracted time comes ” , the expert of fire control detachment expresses. If earlier and seasonable discovery produces in fire, but do not have fire to save oneself again when the condition, want to learn to adopt each other to help measure. Produce car fire suddenly on the ave that car moves back and forth for instance, oneself did not carry fire extinguisher again, do not want right now confused, want to jockey in time to appeal to transient car, the car that uses another person carries fire extinguisher to extinguish fire in time, perhaps request car friend to participate in put out a fire together, can improve efficiency of put out a fire greatly so, shorten time of put out a fire, reduce the pecuniary loss that fire causes thereby.
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