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Caress skill of daily attention of circuit system storage battery more
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Storage battery is in the use process of the car effect is very big, if it cannot normal power supply, the circuit system on engine and car can give an issue accordingly. Accordingly, car advocate attentive at ordinary times had caressed it, ability avoids engine cannot be started or the car goes the corner of halfway and abrupt flameout. Actually, car advocate when wanting to checking engine every time only, spend 9 minutes to maintain incidentally storage battery is OK.

The little skill that storage battery maintains:

1 , with wet cloth storage battery exterior swab, get on face plate, on picket head (losing two namely extremely first) powder of dirt, smeary, white easy cause contamination of leakage of electricity to be wiped clean. Often swab storage battery so, the picket head of storage battery won't accumulate acid etching powder of white, its service life will be longer.

2, open storage battery to add water lid, the position with see water level whether be normal. Can have in storage battery side commonly on, the graticule of floor level will consult for you. If discover water level under suffix line, must add distilled water, if do not take distilled water, usable filter tap water comes lash-up. Water cannot be added too much, the standard is to add fluctuation graticule among.

3, it is normal that check looks up batteries to whether charge. If you have 3 to use electric meter, after starting engine, measure the voltage with polar storage battery, it is normal to must exceed 13 V above to just calculate. Discovery charges voltage is too low, ask professional overhaul to charge with respect to need system. If do not have 3 with ammeter, after engine of detain of law of usable range estimation starts, open storage battery to add water lid, look bleb is risked inside each small division. Normal state is to ceaselessly bleb appears surface, and oil of all the more can be risked so that heal much; If you discover,do not have effervescent, that charges probably namely the system is amiss. Of special attention is to do this meeting when examining to have hydric generation, because of when this examines, never smoking, lest produce the risk of explosive on fire.

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