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The artful dial that use instrument is good drive the habit aids item oil
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As oil price rise ceaselessly, the stand or fall of car division oily performance made the central point that the person that buy a car pays close attention to. The model of different level, the engine that different platoon measures, the oily waste time of every 100 kilometers is endless and same, the comparison that steps the level, volume that cross a platoon does not have too much real significance, the B class car that wants to suit public business affairs to use after all is C class car even, the level of oily bad news that reachs class A car is not actual. But same money car drives as a result of what differ habit, can produce apparent oily cost difference, can be as high as 3 to rise even sometimes / 100 kilometers above, be used to through education drives goodly accordingly, be oneself drive reduce oily cost, to using a car person for have practical referenced effect more.

How to foster drive goodly be used to? Avoid besides what often say urgent quickly, slam the brakes on, electric gush model does not want neutral to glide etc beyond groovy means, the person that drive still can pass the information on appearance dial, know the working position of car, adjust in time drive means, can reduce oily cost effectively likewise.

Major model manufacturer can give out bad news of an academic oil, instant fast 90 kilometers divide evenly the oily bad news of fast travel, add the account such as a car as a result of the difference of the friction of different, road surface of wind resistance, such oily cost is average in driving daily very inaccessible. But through driving the adjustment of means, in driving daily as far as possible cost of cost of adjacent and academic oil is possible still.

Home's very at present much model, appearance joined the function that oily bad news displays in dial information, even if is the class A car that gives priority to as family expenses, be like beautiful 307, the model such as Si Ke Da Mingrui, provided this function. Normally major person thinks oily bad news shows medium average oil waste time is more valuable, can understand car to be worth in the oily bad news inside fair go course of development, and instantaneous oily bad news does not have too much referenced value, the strength of trample accelerator has change a bit, instantaneous oily bad news can be changed subsequently, look too tired, and when starting, instantaneous oily bad news at every turn 30 litres of above, let a person look shake with fear.

Actually otherwise, instantaneous oily bad news is not to resemble what above paragraphs place says in that way without a single redeeming feature, if reasonable the change that uses instantaneous oily waste time with adjusting oneself drive habit, as instantaneous oily bad news reduce, average oil bad news not also can subsequently and drop? Specific for, relatively smooth transport condition is obtained after waiting for car to start, through observing the change of instantaneous oily bad news, can understand right now the strength of trample accelerator footplate whether moderate, gear-box is blocked locatedly whether to match with speed wait for a problem, the person that promotion drives is better to the understanding of car and education drive habit. For the model that to a platoon the quantity controls in 2.0L, drive reasonably means adds speed and gear-box to block good cooperate, instantaneous oily cost is low rise to 5-6 / 100 kilometers, it is very common thing.
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