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Start wind of green Olympic Games retreaded tyre recycle
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Green Olympic Games is one of important concepts that Beijing Olympic Games offers, everybody of green Olympic Games has duty. Well-known, car tail gas is serious contaminative source, as the car gain ground, the tail gas that the car causes and noise pollution are increasingly serious. For green Olympic Games, each drive the person should be made from oneself, drive car of “ green ” , ” of nurturance “ green drives habit.

Open a source: Retreaded tyre but recycle

70 % are in the use value of a new tyre on tire carcass, and the decorative pattern that easier tatty is tire tread, because this renovates an old tire,be equal to managing resource of 70 % new balata.

Our country abandons the generation capacity of old tire every year to be many 6000, “ black pollutes ” to becoming a kind of social effects of pollution. The old tire of the developed country renovates rate to already exceeded 80% , and our country still is less than at present 10% , and can renovate carring capacity tire and bus to use tire only, the face-lifting of passenger car tyre is blank still, and in European passenger car tyre face-lifting market is replaced rate for 28.8 % .

Because produce craft to lag behind, market competition is intense, manufacturer of our a few production is jerry, will inferior retreaded tyre puts in the market, bring very big hidden trouble to safety of drive a vehicle. When buying retreaded tyre accordingly, must buy in regular professional store, can be at ease on quality not only so, also can enjoy managing the multiple advantage with environmental protection.

Reduce expenditure: Make oneself day that do not have a car

No matter how environmental protection, want to drive only, the car still wants bad news oil, still have pollution. If do not drive, all trouble were done not have. Of course this is impossible, but one day does not drive, believe a lot of people can be accomplished.

Tell from traffic cost actually, the cost that oneself drive wants far outclass to sit bus, and in embrace a road condition next driving, not only raise oily cost, increase discharge, and exhaustion of body and mind. Be not taken, with us current public transportation system develops lag to have very big concern. Nevertheless this kind of situation can take a favourable turn stage by stage, a lot of cities develop strength in what increase public traffic, extension line road, increase order, long subway, contented citizen gives the need of travel.

September 22 is the world does not have car day, a lot of friends are not quite clear perhaps. “ world does not have activity of car day ” the earliest traceable the France 1998, nowadays, it already became what many 1500 city participates in the whole world internationally festival. Car advocate need not when did not drive one day this on September 22, can make those who belong to oneself completely do not have car day. It may not be a bad idea, a month a day of it may not be a bad idea, this also is the contribution that makes for environmental protection!
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