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Start wind of green Olympic Games retreaded tyre recycle
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Choose a vehicle: Want to choose car of “ green ”

Drive want environmental protection, must choose a car right. To each cars advocate for, the car that drives discharges tail gas to had been jumped over lesser completely more, this is about to try a car advocate the car that discharges standard above in Ⅲ of country of the choice when buying a car. To average household, the car basically is used at ride instead of walk, because this need not go after “ the ostentation and extravagance of taller, faster, stronger ” , below the premise of contented use requirement, the vehicle of “ green ” that chooses quantity of a small platoon, also be make contribution for environmental protection.

If you just drive in city or freeway, so the SUV that purchases a high oily cost is complete no point. The Lu Hu that sees in street, Daqienuoji and bold horse, a few real play crosses its powerful motive force and traction? If you do not need to often go expeditionary or long-distance journey, so be far from these oily tigers please! So, be in can inside susceptive price limits, the car with platoon same amount chooses oily waste time low, oily waste time is same choose discharge little.

As car technology increasingly mature, the price of mixture motor vehicle and car of new energy resources is met certainly more “ is close civilian ” , choose environmental protection vehicle surefooted.

Drive: ” of nurturance “ green drives habit

Drive goodly habit, OK and economic fuel, decrease discharge, prolong car service life, so car advocate the following problem should note when drive:

Correct shift gears this basically is to be aimed at a hand to move block, want to press ordinal shift gears, choose in the light of different travelling speed block accordingly, do not high speed is low block and low speed is blocked high.

Cheer fierce brake not suddenly to cheer the key that is environmental protection operation correctly, when cheering, want to step put down gently gently, do not walk suddenly to step suddenly, not occupied do not have a thing accelerator of banging a few feet.

Do not want overspeed to be opposite average car, the speed per hour of 80~90 kilometer is most the rate that omits oil, every add speed per hour 1 kilometer, can make capacity of bad news oil increases 0.5 % . Be like the 3/4 travel with top speed, compare with top speed photograph, oily bad news can be reduced 50% .

Avoid long idle fast if must jockey for long, had better shut engine, close machine 30~40 second economic fuel wants to be gotten more than starting engine place to need fuel again much. But in embrace a road condition and when waiting for red light had better not so do, because embrace,block up and waiting for red light is brief only, car needs maneuverability at any time, if shut engine, can bring a lot of inconvenience, embrace the ability when blocking up motionlessly for long to be able to consider to shut engine only.
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