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Start wind of green Olympic Games retreaded tyre recycle
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The province is oily: Want to consider an aerodynamics

Cycle racing relies on an aerodynamics to design automobile body wind block coefficient is very smally, reduce resistance, raise rate, car advocate rely on air motive force to save oil.

If you do not use roof rack, pull down it. Otherwise, wind block will rise when travel, bring about oily bad news to rise, for example, speed is in 100~120 kilometer / hour, rack will make car oily cost rises 12% .

Window hair drier likes when somebody drives, this is in he is brought enjoy while also raised oily cost. Because car window is closed as far as possible when travel of this high speed, with noise of bring down travel and wind resistance, also reduced oily cost so.

In addition, a lot of people like to undertake changing one's costume or dress to automobile body, if increase to be surrounded greatly, increase empennage to wait, in order to show oneself individual character. If lax case changes his costume or dress according to scientific method, while the car after changing one's costume or dress is showing your individual character, also will increase the wind block coefficient of the car, raising oily cost continually namely.

Environmental protection: Litter wants major to reclaim

The litter that the car produces also is very much, include to abandon colander of old tire, useless engine oil, useless batteries, useless machine, useless antifreeze to wait. If these things make life rubbish processing, can cause huge harm to the environment. To the thing that can use circularly, ought to divide its syncretic appropriate to keep, hand in by reclaim technically orgnaization processing. Machine colander, antifreeze should regard as harmful rubbish discretion is handled.

Actually the great majority car to China advocate for, oneself start work maintain not quite actual, it is to do not have field, 2 it is not familiar to the car, also do not talk to go up of these pair of litter reclaim. But as the car advocate accountability to have environmental protection consciousness and can major reclaims of litter repair a factory to go maintenance.

Additional, if your car had reached the level that discard as useless, must send disintegrate plant it so, do not want be ignorant of to wear conscience buy in and sell at a profit goes to remote region, can accentuate not only so the pollution to the environment, and also caused major safe hidden trouble.

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