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Way to do sth of compensate of manage of insurance of ford loss risk is much
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Yesterday, this city general falls heavy rain, road seeper lets a lot of car roadside “ bend over nest ” . Love car drinks water, can insurance company manage compensate? The answer that the reporter gets is, the case is complex, distinction is treated.

The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, take the loss that water adj/LIT wide and engine place cause in the light of car, each insurance company has ” of danger of “ ford loss basically to undertake ensuring.

As we have learned, inside insurance coverage, the car that encounters “ flood ” advocate the compensate waiting for the forehead of present price of engine of the top attainable model that be the same as a paragraph pays. But this kind of danger is planted be aimed at motor component only commonly, other to car part, wait like cushion, acoustics, do not grant to manage compensate. In the meantime, the personage inside course of study reminds, be not all water to wide engine loss can pass compensate of manage of ” of “ ford danger. Encounter water wides, avoid by all means launchs love car forcibly without processing, cause “ so easily to explode crock ” , and this kind of loss is not in insurance coverage. Old driver suggests, right way is pursue car or drawing comes refuge, after making necessary processing, undertake deciding caustic.

The reporter understands from insurance representative orgnaization, reputation of “ of danger of loss of the ford on Shanghai is depressed ” , cast protect rate is inferior, cast the new car that keeps this danger to plant to still be less than 3 into. Charge respect, with price 130 thousand yuan of right-and-left Fox are exemple, respect of supermarket of royal car danger expresses, “ does not exceed 200 yuan absolutely. Dealer of ” some car tells a reporter, prevent loss of water adj/LIT wide, outside dividing ” of “ ford danger, car advocate can be opposite other part is cast respectively inside the car protect particular risk to plant undertake ensuring, hit dozen of “ to combine boxing ” .

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