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Xia Qiu prepares early alternately maintain love car is greatest meaning
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The summer, a lot of cars advocate like to replace antifreeze with tap water, after the Beginning of Autumn, weather is gradually cool, difference in temperature of morning and evening is big, affect the regular job of car refrigeration system very likely, so car advocate should seasonable change tap water into antifreeze.

The personage inside course of study introduces, antifreeze can cool with preventing a car the system is frozen or temperature is exorbitant, that is to say can refrigerative system works better.

Additional, antifreeze is right metal corrode degree far under tap water, because this uses antifreeze,can prevent car refrigeration system effectively to rust corrode.

Through summer, the carpet of the laid inside the car had bestrewed dirt as early as ground glue and other interior trim. The expert says, cleanness of interior trim of general a complete set of maintains include dial of glue of seat, ground, appearance, door plank to wait a moment, the car hairdressing store that should have car sauna opportunity only has this business. If dermal seat was held inside your car, day cool wind is blown, derma is easy and weather-shack, might as well at this moment do do dermal glazing to maintain.

In addition, xia Qiuzhi makes many cars advocate be fond of drive oneself swim activity, what should notice most right now is dustproof. CD opportunity is the most significant is laser head maintain, laser head also is fragile the costliest in the spare parts, although car acoustics had considered dustproof issue in designing a process, but as a result of domestic way besides mostly not quite good, dustproof problem appears especially important. It is when road condition environment is poorer, answer to close a window in time; Also should notice to maintain the cleanness inside the car at ordinary times.

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