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Two big move teach you to maintain the accumulator that loves a car
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The person that a lot of driving thinks the maintenance of car accumulator and he has nothing to do, actually otherwise. If not the use convention with good nurturance, also can shorten the service life of accumulator or cause damage.

One, hold again after flameout accuse to rise fall glass or scuttle. Accurate method is should operate glass and scuttle before flameout end, alone use accumulator is caused below the state that avoids not to generate electricity in engine damage.

After some cars have the person that drive to lock up a car to leave close a vehicle automatically window and return a rearview mirror function automatically, these functions just forget a kind of below the circumstance auxiliary function in involuntary discharge of urine, not be to use a function daily. Remind everybody here, use these functions for long to do not have any advantage to accumulator.

2, nightly headlight is not opened before starting, headlight is opened again after starting. Flameout program should be the flameout after shutting headlight first, headlight cannot be shut after flameout first. Nightly encounter engine when abrupt flameout, opening headlight to start, should shut headlight to start, headlight is opened again after starting. As to lamp of equipment of the radio inside the car, CD, door and remote control device, won't have too big effect to accumulator, can use after flameout, but use not for long as far as possible.


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