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Practical adornment hairdressing loves exquisite environmental protection car 3
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To be warm, the car decorates hairdressing course of study to also follow heat to rise, but need car advocate watchful is, adornment love car should be weighed practical, choose environmental protection product as far as possible.

No-no one: The thing is much and miscellaneous

Youth of the ” after “80 has cartoon complex more, then, car downstage, backlash, inside full, stack is hanged everywhere on rearview mirror cartoon fair young, when driving, the small decorations that hanging can shake as the travel of car, the influence driver judgement to breaking out incident ability, cause traffic accident easily.

Additional, the cartoon goods that those on seat putting follows car jolt possibly still to roll, the attention of dispersive driver. Proposal car advocate choice cartoon headrest, seat is covered, block lever to cover wait for functional sex to act the role of article, as to those redundant cartoon baby, put less in the car as far as possible, should not hang at will more.
No-no 2: Change former outfit to use new clothes

When car manufacturer is choosing fabrics of car interior trim, be elaborative, the fabrics of primary vehicle mostly antistatic, wear-resisting, breathe freely, flame retardant, fire prevention, want to notice when car giving love is decorated so, do not change original interior trim at will. Should notice to prevent quality not to amount to the adornment of mark particularly. For instance steering wheel is covered, at the beginning of the car is being designed, the size that considered steering wheel, material and hand are grasping the intimacy of steering wheel, also considered human body engineering and steering wheel material are qualitative. If extortionary add a steering wheel to cover, the size of steering wheel is out of shape with respect to “ ” , too thick too large steering wheel is covered be being grasped and uncomfortable.

No-no 3: Outfit interior trim pursues cheap

Car advocate the glue that lay the ground is to maintain the cleanness inside the car originally, but some is cheap,ground glue quality closes nevertheless, all sorts of toxic substance exceed bid, cause pollution of the air inside the car. Should choose the ground glue of quality reach a standard, lest cause pollution 2 times.

The perfume inside choice car also needs to notice, some perfume are not to use natural raw material, use for a long time increase the pollution inside the car instead. In addition, crural mat, cushion also is a car advocate like act the role of article, should choose linen-cotton as far as possible kind or act the role of naturally article, notice the eligible product that those normal manufacturer produce the choose and buy even.

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