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Safety first not let content of car small interior trim disturb safety to drive
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As people living standard rise, of car price fall again, average household buys a car already was not the thing with distant what, especially city female, had oneself love car increasingly. And the car already was their pure vehicle not just, and more the close friend that resembles them, more the small home that resembling is a warmth.

Some cars advocate especially woman car advocate like a few more pensile in the car cartoon doll, in order to make small home more sweet and beautiful. These things look very lovely, caused problem is not little also, adornment is undeserved can create risk to oneself and other not only, violated law even.

Car adornment is quite general

On August 30, 31 days, the reporter is done in Zhengzhou street interview randomly, discovery is decorated to get brightly colored inside the car, bite dingdong becomes be absent a few, especially car of a woman advocate inside the car, it is to be decorated excessively more. What go up in garden road is medium annulus general merchandise and Chinese redbud square two big parking lots, the reporter examined car of many 100 family expenses, discover adornment rate is in 98 % above, the agreement of overdress occupies 30 % , adornment article basically includes to hang, nearly 20 breed such as toy of wool cloth with soft nap, adornment of car of two illicit home does not accord with safe requirement apparently, it is hang on the car full toy of of all kinds cartoon; 2 it is to hang in many it is metallic stuff. Before car of an illicit home a brown Little Bear was hanged on windshield, car hind hanged 36 of all kinds toys and a cushion for leaning on on windshield, whole hind windshield is blocked Yan Yan is solidly. Of car of another illicit home hind the paper that start off of novice of a piece of “ stuck not to kiss my ” please on windshield is stuck. A woman's bicycle advocate tell a reporter, she has two homes, one is apartment, one is her car. She is between greater part time-sharing everyday inside the car, because him child likes puppy, then she spent hundreds of yuan to buy some of cartoon ornamental to decorate the car. Ask her when the reporter, know not to know such doing to be able to cause hidden trouble to travel safety. She laughs say, do not know, as long as inside the car beautiful, indication individual character went.

“ now more and more cars advocate treat the car as Home ‘ ’ will decorate. Decorate with the family same, car advocate when decorating a car, a bit carelessly possible deep-set all sorts of errors. The adornment inside the car is unreasonable, drive will sell at a discount greatly with economic performance moderately by easy, serious can affect a vehicle even advocate healthy or drive a vehicle is safe. ” follows the policeman of travel one group policeman tells a reporter.

Small adorn taste wine the cause of disaster

December 2007, the car of a surname plum advocate driving when the edge connects travel of suddenly high speed, because hang hand catenary in carelessly turn to control handle to go up, make turn to the lamp to shine suddenly, the car at the back of the result dodges not as good as, cause trace remaining part, this driver is badly-wounded. After the event of high speed policeman is special remind, when woman driver is driving, hand catenary, necklace adorn taste stress to beg concise, avoid hook to arrive change the lamp to handle or other position, especially wind place, avoid to adorn as far as possible the acute form headgear such as breastpin, lest happen when urgent accident,plunge into.
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