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Safety first not let content of car small interior trim disturb safety to drive
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In April 2008, boreal annulus inside one residence village, when a lady is pouring her to love a car, as a result of from the back hang on windshield full adorn article, look at all not clear rear, as a result as it happens of a little girl runs to chase a rubber ball, after the car hangs the child, return muddy not to know like that, after continueing, go, pat taxi window till the eyewitness on the side, little girl just is saved to rise. “ was hanged at the back of this car full an all sorts of cartoon characters, add paper to smoke box, handbag to wait, look at all not clear from the back, accident reason is hard to avoid. ” accident policeman says.

Adornment is undeserved caused potential risk

The master Xiaolin that abundant celebrates adornment of a car to go introduces to the reporter, the space of the car is narrow, it is OK to be decorated appropriately cheerful oneself mood, abound oneself drive the life and appeal, but if overdress, wasted oneself money not only, it is normal to still was disturbed drive activity, caused problem is very much, summary rises, it is the line of sight that disturbs a driver very easily. A lot of drivers like to hang the small decorations such as restful knot in car window front overhang, although the thing is small, but also put have potential risk. Small decorations is when car rock, can place place, go up to driver vision cause interference, increase the odds of accident reason. Written guarantee in safety at this moment not only not restful, contrary it still can give a driver picky. Put retrospective small decorations, the line of sight of driver of easy keep out, when backing a car especially, treat not clear rear condition at all. 2 it is dispersive driver attention. As car rise and fall, those are placed sit the cartoon doll on chair and station are advanced the toy on bedplate follows car jolt possibly to roll, the attention of dispersive driver. 3 it is driver of the harm below critical condition. The paper of backlash upper part takes the article such as the box, when scram.
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