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Van makes do to drive on high speed road the caution outside skill night interva
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Once an old driver tells me: Drive not stir up trouble, do not bump into others to return the overall level that is not a good driver, true good driver is can avoiding while oneself cause an accident, still can prevent others occurrence accident. Common ground says, it is oneself do not bump into others, still can avoid others to bump into his.

The bosom friend tells the other, just can emerge victorious in every battle.

Why to weigh carry cargo car to you can become one of the fiercest killer on nowadays freeway? We will understand van to drive after all is how to return a responsibility.

At present domestic highway goes up because upgoing carring capacity van is blocked many, rise the process that block to comparative quickly loaded down with trivial details. After once speed is carried,rising because of this old truck driver, basic delicacy has those who change idea decelerate, they are passed mostly drive experience skill goes avoiding a few fraise, and brake nature uses less little, this is the prime cause that causes accident hidden trouble. If judge error, everything cannot expect. And another reason that overweighted overspeed is easy out of control of appearance of vehicle of carring capacity goods. The kinetic energy that exceeds travel of carry cargo car to rise commonly so is quite big, the action of brake is relatively abate, plus overspeed, the is more than oneself far ability place that brake place loads and. Such occurrence of the accident such as the malfunction of truck stop a vehicle by applying the brakes that often sees so. Still drivers of some truck of long-distance carring capacity drive as a result of long, Sunday run, hard to avoid can appear tired, energy is not centered wait for a state, have more very person drowse was hit when drive, be in especially road wide straight, long perhaps declivous when, truck driver is the easiest the vision is paralytic and cause disastrous accident.

In driving process, if encounter ahead to have carring capacity freight car, want to go more than, accurate method is: The distance that sails from old freight car 100 meters are controlled first, observation ahead road besides, in ensure the case with good, good line of sight issues ahead road Kuang Liang, hit overtake to turn to the lamp, cry date, frequency shows headlight, watch the trend of van at the same time. If van did not occupy travel, and without left shake right the tendency that shake, so increase accelerator to exceed its quickly. The horse does not want to go up after exceeding and the line goes to travel driveway, had better be the farewell after can pulling open 500 meters of right-and-left distances with old freight car go up to normal travel driveway. In whole process, must enclasp steering wheel, when approaching freight car, cry date and frequency show headlight to want to undertake at the same time, be short of one cannot. Why to want such doing? The purpose tells truck driver namely, want overtake oh. Occasionally old freight car because the cause of overload, see the hint that is less than your flashlight; Because oneself noise listens to less than crying,also have the circumstance of a clew, cry so date and flashlight must undertake at the same time, and had better not want in whole process discontinuous. Even if truck driver was asleep, he also can be waked up by bray and avoid accident happening. Avoid by all means in the turn or the condition with road uncertain condition falls, blind overtake.
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