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Van makes do to drive on high speed road the caution outside skill night interva
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Additional, in channel of pass in and out when must decelerate, when following at the back of van especially. Because the light outside the hole is intense, enter the one instant of channel, the person's eye can produce the dark adaptation of short time, almost whats cannot see; And when giving channel, because was used to darkness, see sunshine, the eye will be dizzy, also can produce short time bright suit, see not clear thing. If have old freight car,around mouth of a cave so berth perhaps is repaired, or because truck driver appears bright, dark adaptation, van out of control, if speed passes fast, appear from too close inevitable meeting danger affection.

Nightly drive a vehicle also wants special attention, van often reachs the designated position because of maintaining and car condition is very poor, lamplight perhaps risks black smoke not together is constant some thing. So night is in the van taillight of high speed travel a lot of light are faint, cannot see tail light even. Plus the billow of waste gas black smoke of eduction, can affect the line of vision badly more, let person generation easily appear the illusion of big mist. So late up train when, best selection goes on the road in overtake sail. When the smother that encounters arise suddenly should immediately decelerate, pursue the risk of end in order to avoid.

Wet also is the tall hair period of the accident, also must notice skill when heavy rain day exceeds old freight car, the water mist that turn because of wheel of old freight car and furls will be very big, follow at the back of it glass perhaps is blocked before flank meets those who let you a faintness, so overtake when besides cry beyond date, flashlight, the condition that rain blows also should be in successive job status, had better be increase below whack be blocked or two block.

Saw above drive of skill and experience talk, to how van making do to have on the freeway more intuitionistic understanding are you? Remember, control speed, maintain a car to be apart from, reasonable use sound of all sorts of signal lamplight harmony to be able to help your trun ill luck into good. Wish everybody drives finally happy, have a pleasant journey!

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