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Special offer brand is secondhand car, lowest 20 thousand
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Go in for sth in a large scale sincere new the business content of two handcart:
Evaluate freely, cash is bought, car replacement, attestation guarantees, two handcart instalment, car is rented etc
Characteristic serves an item: Attestation guarantees
Current set model offers 1 year / 20000 kilometers are protected character
Two handcart instalment: Handle 13 months solely - 36 months finance mortgages loan, need not offer deep door with house property, the income that the person that borrow money needs to have fixed job and stability only can! Loan time is short, successful rate is high!
The Jun Yue that fasten a gram, Xin Kai is jumped over, Liu Zun / GL8; Cheng of Xue Folan scene, Le Feng, Xin Lecheng, Kepaji ties “ fund fund completely great gift bag, in surprise displacement! ”
Go in for sth in a large scale sincere new two handcart (Shanghai is general first 5 stars class is secondhand car dealer)
Advisory phone: 0755-26641525 13510101202 (Chen Sheng)
Location: South Shenzhen city a mountainous area south hill highway and core road have sex place (by urban mountain forest)

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