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The earthquake lets two handcart " mad " a bit does not decrease two handcart sa
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The corresponding period of the month on photograph comparing, two handcart sales volume grew 20% about this month. The personage inside course of study is analysed, appear such swift and violent rise, because the earthquake is right,be on two handcart sales volume caused the month brief restrain, accumulated consumptive energy erupts centrally this month, the 2 refreshment that are new car sales volume also drove the development of two handcart market, the user of displacement car increases ceaselessly.

Two handcart change the name of owner in a register still queues up

On month once the hall of two handcart change the name of owner in a register of period of time restored cold and cheerless again now exuberant opportunity of survival, queue up even even sometimes change the name of owner in a register. Liu Hua of large division manager tells southwest of network of 2 degrees of cars the reporter, red pailou western car city car runs place civilian in the hall of change the name of owner in a register that serves a point, photograph of amount of two handcart change the name of owner in a register than going up the month rises apparently, according to him estimation grew 20% above at least. In Dong Hua the change the name of owner in a register of car city is nodded, likewise also such phenomenon exists. Believe spirit law is secondhand car controller Xia Huaidong tells a reporter, two handcart sales volume has this month increase apparently, so that source of two handcart car appears insufficient, roar of warm of bell of two handcart manager also has Xi Xing to feel likewise.

Two handcart touched new Che Guang

As the refreshment that consumes confidence, sales volume of new in July car had apparent growth, two handcart sales volume also subsequently when the river rises the boat goes up too. Roar of the warm that occupy a bell introduces, actually increment basically is above client of two handcart displacement, additional, the influence price that the new car that the near future appears on the market gets cost to rise is so not as low as what anticipate, also let a few clients begin to consider two handcart. New car price is relatively stable also, did not cause to two handcart market dozen pressure.

Specific aim sales promotion sees effect

As the development of two handcart market and standard, the near future, the brand of Chengdu is secondhand car business people begin to take promotion activity seriously, a few way that are used on new car before also appear in two handcart above. For example the “ that believe spirit law undertook a few days ago is secondhand business affairs car shuts a house to sell ”“ second new car special performance recommends ” to wait a moment, two handcart business returns a few brands to begin “ to mortgage business of the ” that buy a car in the light of two handcart, the mark car activity of network of 2 degrees of cars also solved two handcart advocate the question with sell car and two handcart business to stop a car difficult, added car source. Diversiform sales promotion measure, let coruscate of two handcart market vigor.
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