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Two handcart city develops busy season smoothly to will be in 11 around
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6, 7, August is two handcart trade of market tradition off-season, each district is secondhand the car trades the capacity all appears of different level drop. Trade put delay, buy the consumer drop off of two handcart to the market, serve as intermediate month July, trade volume little performance is gotten particularly apparent, two handcart city trades smoother, did not appear big rise and fall. As a result of each district two handcart influencing factor differs somewhat, appear the change of different level.

■ firm syncopation adds two handcart of Shanghai

In July, shanghai is secondhand the car trades overall and smooth, the two handcart of whole town always trade measure nearly 20 thousand, rise with the photograph is smaller than appearing in June, grow 9.8% , with photograph of the corresponding period compared growth last year 7.7% . Among them, the change the name of owner in a register inside Shanghai city trades the quantity is 10769, grow 16.1% ; Brand of name of suburb Shanghai C is secondhand the car trades the quantity is 3461, grow 4.7% ; Before two all appear different rate rises, but car of the change outside Shanghai decreases, with on comparing of phase of the moon drops 4.1% .

Auction Wang Zhen of limited company general manager to introduce according to Shanghai motor vehicle, as a result of,traffic of the change outside Shanghai drops basically is country of Ⅲ standard carry out, shanghai circumjacent city is after standard of executive country Ⅲ , to two handcart turned to also undertake limitative, a few two handcart that do not amount to mark cannot turn to circumjacent city again, car of the change outside be being caused directly trades the volume drops.

■ the small car that discharge an amount still is Guangzhou market main trend

Suffer new car to depreciate, environmental protection policy, Olympic Games, oil price rises the influence that waits for an element, two handcart city of Guangzhou are pounded certainly, two handcart trade price whole appeared to glide trend, extent of price fall of a lot of car is controlled for 1000 yuan. Oil price rises to discharge an amount greatly two handcart are slow-moving, the consumer that wants to buy big platoon to measure two handcart more very much begins to change small quantity to the car, two handcart market is small measure predominate, like small quantity such as Xiali, abstruse develop, antelope, QQ the model makes the tight smart money of the market, give the situation that little scope of present price case rises. If Xiali rises in price,1000 yuan are controlled, QQ, antelope also appears 500 of the left and right sides rise in price.

Although small quantity is secondhand the car is close spruce, but cannot alleviate the overall situation face with two off-season handcart. Two handcart city of Guangzhou traded in July the quantity is smoother, always trade the quantity is controlled for 25 thousand, appear little scope grows, but range is not distinct.
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