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Local policy block up is secondhand car market is current
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The near future, a few two handcart business of Shenyang town are mirrorred to our newspaper, after standard of Ⅲ of national executive country, government of Shenyang city people came on stage " exhaust of Shenyang city motor vehicle pollutes measure of government of prevention and cure " , the two handcart that this method turns external into Shenyang also carried out a country the limitation of Ⅲ standard. Two handcart agency is mirrorred, of method carry out those who restricted two handcart is current, also cause two handcart agency of local to manage difficulty.

As we have learned, our country begins standard of executive country Ⅲ this year. According to the country Ⅲ standard asks, since July 1, 2007, all new finalize the design the type approve that light-duty car must accord with the regulation in the standard discharges the requirement that is restricted to be worth, stop to reaching level of blowdown of national motor vehicle only the 2nd phase is discharged be restricted to be worth (be equivalent to 2 standards of European, standard of Ⅱ weighing a country) the type approve of light-duty car, since July 1, 2008, sell and register what stop to reach light-duty car of ” of standard of “ country Ⅱ only in the round register.

Country the regulation of Ⅲ standard is to ask new car wants to reach this one level when register, and did not restrict too much to two handcart. But in a few cities, change standard of this one environmental protection strictly, two handcart also delimited country Ⅲ standard cavalcade. Published a few policy to implement environmental protection standard further like Shenyang, Dalian.

Shenyang city comes on stage " exhaust of Shenyang city motor vehicle pollutes measure of government of prevention and cure " in regulation: The first time register register or this city motor vehicle must accord with nonlocal ingoing the country is newest directory of environmental protection model, do not accord with, management department of transportation of public security mechanism does not grant to deal with motor vehicle to register the formalities that register. Of this one method carry out, the other place is secondhand the car nots agree with country the car of Ⅲ standard cannot turn into Shenyang city again, restricted two hand wagon flow to connect. Dalian also publishs relevant provision, ask two handcart ability enters the other place of less than 5 years Dalian market trades, overage and secondhand the car cannot enter Dalian town.

These regulations of each place, block up of two handcart normal and current, cause hand in easy quantity to drop, a few agency also appear management predicament. Shenyang is secondhand the car trades Zhang Lixiang of market general manager says: “ Shenyang consumption level is inferior, this city motor vehicle retains the amount is small, two handcart are mostly turn from the other place, and because consumption level is low, the two handcart of 100 thousand yuan of less than compare sell like hot cakes in Shenyang, and these nonlocal car of 100 thousand yuan of less than did not reach a nation mostly Ⅲ standard. Restrict these car turn to make Shenyang secondhand car industry backwater, current, our market is very much manage cheap and secondhand because the agency of car and van is faced with without car close down. ”
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