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Local policy block up is secondhand car market is current
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The Wang Zhen of limited company of auction of Shanghai motor vehicle also preach: “ because environmental protection of area of Shanghai week border district sets come on stage, a few two handcart of Shanghai cannot turn into the other place, cause Shanghai quantity of the change outside two handcart decreases apparently, this also causes Shanghai two handcart trade the volume drops. ” each district publishs environmental protection policy, external two handcart turn to undertake limitative, although this assured the environment of this city on certain level, but really also block up of two handcart current, two handcart have fast current ability to develop better only. Direct like Shenyang limitation does not accord with a country the two handcart of nonlocal of Ⅲ standard turn, not only those who affected two handcart agency manage, also make Shenyang secondhand the car trades the volume drops.

The agency of market of a few two handcart thinks, environmental protection policy can be carried out, but cannot one knife is cut, cannot delimit two handcart and new car in same horizontal on, can resemble Dalian same, the car that restricts a few years of less than is current, standard of two handcart environmental protection should successive. Zhang Lixiang also thinks: Two handcart of “ are different from new car, accord with a country the car of Ⅲ standard is very few still, if with standard of this one standard two handcart, two handcart are current will get very large block, of successive environmental protection standard is being fortified on two handcart just should be regular method. ”

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