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Two handcart are off-season depreciate fierce
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Two handcart sell “ now do not move, our company garage is full, the two handcart that still ceaselessly displacement falls should be gone to in send, we dare not receive a car again at all. ” yesterday, wu Mingwei of two handcart ministry mentions sea Da Jinghan appear very helpless when situation of two handcart market currently.

The pursues two handcart business technically peaceful wave Che Bangcong inside century car city has sale last month also acute is decreased. “ oil price rises, plus to be warm, every recently exhibition hall sees the client can be counted on one's fingers of the car. ” enrols business to be in charge of Cao Xuefeng to say to the reporter, before triumphant more, fly degree, black horse amount to wait for brand model a week to be able to sell 45, and a few cars stopped many days 20 now even a month unmanned make inquires.

Two handcart price glides all the way

Car city off-season arrival, the price of two handcart also glides all the way accordingly. Two handcart evaluate division king runner-up to say, bie Kekai the more latter and secondhand car price is fluctuant larger model. Measure two years of car age with 1.6 triumphant it is more exemple, the price last month is 68 thousand yuan about, and this month can sell 62 thousand yuan only at most, fall continuously inside a month 6000 yuan, range is bigger. Wang Yajun says: “ triumphant jump over devalue speed is slower all the time. Basis before record, triumphant the average price that exceeds two handcart falls 3000 yuan, at least needs time of half an year. ” is additional, cost price 220 thousand yuan, 4 years the Jun Wei appraisal of car age is in 95 thousand yuan about, cost price price is in 400 thousand yuan of Bie Kexin centuries of 6 years of the left and right sides, car age only nowadays 50 thousand yuan of ~6 10 thousand yuan. The price with these two current cars compares “ before a month leave surplus on average 5000 yuan of ~10000 yuan. ” Wang Yajun says.

Oil price rises wait for reason be caused by

Two handcart business people think, the new car that appears on the market often this year and oil price rise is the matter that makes two handcart price drop quickly. The new fund that appeared on the market in June for instance triumphant more, 1 many short benefit yields one after another inside the month. With official price 1.6 litres of one hundred and three thousand eight hundred yuan hands are moved basic model for exemple, the favourable extent of current 4S inn already amounted to nearly 10 thousand yuan. Model of “ new fund sells only 90 thousand multivariate, the two handcart nature of old money does not sell 70 thousand yuan. A two handcart evaluate ” division says.

The beauty that is bad news oil quite fastens a car, oily bad news relatively the day of the province fastens two handcart price to go situation is smoother. Of “ Ni Sang black horse amount to, Yi Da and wide this fly spend nearly two months to come the price is stabler, the rate that keep a cost is relatively high also. ” Cao Xuefeng says.
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