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Two handcart price is small go up
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At present person of old car market is enraged relatively flourishing, trade the quantity increases

Because people is right during the Olympic Games two handcart slow down in demand, before paragraph time is secondhand the car trades the quantity achieves the nadir since this year, be reduced by guest discharge, stocks adds wait for an element to affect, two handcart price relatively go generally first quarter low. Last week, the reporter understands from two handcart market, at present market person is enraged gradually flourishing, the price of two handcart rises somewhat.

Discharge of settle or live in a strange place of the market at the beginning of August decreases apparently, stocks tall house does not fall, most businessman undertook reducing to two hand car prices. And fall as the Olympic Games next heavy curtain, two handcart trade price trend at going tall. When “ has the general Sang Yuechu 2002, mark a price 45000 yuan, put fast a month is bought without the person, but before two days 48000 yuan sell went out. A two handcart agent introduces ” , before the car price of “ good skill compares a month 3000 yuan two taller. ”

The reporter understands from the market, nimble amounts to series stock to have small growth, and the price is relatively stable, series of mulberry tower offer rises in price 1000 yuan differ to 3000 yuan, series stock reduces Fu Kang rise in price 500 yuan or so. And the price of business affairs model such as Ao Di, Pasate continues low, drop extent all reachs 2000 yuan in 1000 yuan.
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