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Two handcart list price wins the bid under par valence
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Numerous car advocate people will greet the illicit car forehead July to spend an auction again. And be in yesterday, the reporter gets an information from the personage inside course of study, at present the lowest of case of two handcart list price on the market already fell to be controlled to 33000 yuan, under on of the month win the bid on average valence 34947 yuan, this also is Shanghai plate case of two handcart list price appears first on the market under on mean monthly in the phenomenon that mark a price.

Because the market is stagnant, secondhand nearly a few months come to license plate price to drop all the way, at present the common quoted price on the market is controlled in 35000 yuan, but disclose according to the personage inside course of study, minimum price has arrived at 33000 yuan. Deputy total Wang Zhen analyses limited company of center of auction of Shanghai motor vehicle, new car sale status not beautiful is the immediate cause that two handcart card depreciates.

Wang Zhen says, oil price rises, raw material of stock market be thwarted, car rises in price, plus stop fare to be faced with rise in price pressure, fuel tax be vividly portrayed, a variety of elements cause the new car market that shows level to arrive at ” of “ freezing point, all of produce and sale is cold. The sale of two handcart card that binds directly with new car market is not had can avoid the ground to encounter ” of “ cold current subsequently.

Secondhand the “ ox ” of license plate also already from avoid loss as far as possible, change does not want luckily too much. Especially the plate of costly engulf, nobody receive old price dish, foreground does not see a hope, “ ox ” is immersed in condition of be in a dilemma.

In new car stagnant setting falls, two handcart market also all the more is gloomy. Two handcart buying and selling basically is plate syncretic, when license plate from highest 52000 yuan when drop to 35000 yuan of nowadays, do not wish to depreciate the car that sell advocate can await only, form situation of refuse to budge, the two handcart that wait to sell on the market achieve saturated status.

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