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Shenzhen is secondhand car city is firm in hopeful of get warm again after a col
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Be in Shenzhen, two handcart industry neared end in August when, the circumstance also transforms somewhat subsequently. Two handcart markets of place of development of network of the first car understand, to receive the busy season of the market, almost all be stationed in a business door to begin to rise busily, often the car that is oneself is being done clean, as if be about to go up battlefield is doing start to prepare at the last moment.

Shenzhen is far visit two handcart bazaar travel boss is in 2 wide source cars that move in newly when interviewing, express what take over reporter of network of the first car: The archives mouth that in sweet sweet lake two handcart hire is before “ , but two handcart position should change sweet sweet lake to be sold into new car, bring about group of two handcart client is bought to decrease inside the market, 7, August because be off-season, also did not seek new grade opening at that time so, greet the sale fastigium of busy season of in former years quickly now, cannot miss this opportunity, make the best of time to come here raise him outstanding achievement. ” in former years is secondhand car sale, basically be divisional on weak busy season, whenever 51, 11, the fastigium that buy a car can be greeted before the Spring Festival grows a holiday; But differ somewhat first half of the year this year, this year compared to the same period sale status of car of in former years is not hopeful, add on 51 long holidays cancel, look business door early is expecting Jin Jiuyin the arrival of 10.

Network of the first car (near future of online advisory system receives to plan transaction not less of two handcart client seek advice, the client that comes over to seek advice for the most part is having the car that should sell his in the near future or preparative proceed with. Come over to seek advice have the client that buys intention, basically be issue of consideration oily cost, more is the two hand car with advisory province practical oil.

The situation of new car also takes a favourable turn somewhat, the staff member visits network of the first car Shenzhen understands after market of car of sweet sweet lake, , receive the telephone call that has the customer that buys new car intention more very much recently. When the staff member interviews other 4S inn, the salesperson inside also is to contain happy gas to disclose same result.

Two handcart business door, have business the salesperson is having 4S of the user that two handcart need, new car distinct change. Jin Jiuyin 10 came, automobile industry whether break the off-season pattern first half of the year, a month in future we are knowable dawn.

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