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On two handcart of Japanese low-key enter China
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Recently, group of Japan's biggest Gulliver of two handcart shopkeeper (China) the company holds water formally in Shanghai. The two handcart business that this is setting of the 2nd foreign capital enters Chinese market. Before this, the beauty of North America area vasts announce to enter two handcart markets of Chinese, take the lead in be in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing to establish two handcart to auction entity. A few two handcart are senior the personage thinks, at present foreign capital enters two handcart markets of Chinese to return be p reaper only, do not be eager to beginning professional work in two handcart industry, but to two handcart of Chinese pressing action is be obvious to all.

As we have learned, gulliver group (China) as Japan the 2nd big two handcart of the biggest, world trade business, the sale last year is as high as this company 12 billion RMB, profit is 900 million RMB. Zhou Yu of chief of media of Gulliver China company says, “ we special the perspective that values two handcart market future of Chinese, the movement in Chinese market is being advanced ahead. ” the logic according to Gulliver, the United States and Japan are new 2007 of car and old car trade to be than parting 1: 2.4 with 1: 2, and be in China this rate is 3: 1, chinese market has latent capacity extremely. New car of “ developed country and the interval of two handcart heights are 6-7 commonly year, but the market that China is a rapid development, this cycle will shorten. ”

Undoubted, foreign capital often is valued to two handcart blame of giant Chinese, but had not cast off low cost broker as a result of two handcart market of China, and extensive investment is managed still need time, this also is at present foreign capital is not eager to large-scale the main reason that begins professional work. Had entered the beautiful vasting group of Chinese market, so far, car of 4100 two handcart was auctioned in Shanghai, shenzhen is 2400, beijing was auctioned be less than 100. Speak of the development that is in China, the personage expresses related beautiful vasting Beijing, two handcart markets of Chinese are at present more troubled still, with native land two handcart the auction is compared, the United States vasts to really some of natural environment refuses to obey, but be in as the mature He Meihan of the market the actual strength of two handcart domain, the United States vasts two handcart China will have very great progress.

Think generally, at present the main problem of two handcart of China is formalities of change the name of owner in a register complex with region market not expedite, this is to restrict the main obstacle that at present dimensions of two handcart industry runs. A few begin the company that two handcart run the brand to have feeling greatly to this in the past: When you breakthrough of lunar sales volume is measured certainly when, you still feel secondhand car market is not quite mature, establish a brand the cost of two handcart is too high. But no matter how be told, two handcart industry remains industry of a rising sun in China, as the market improve, the car company of setting of a few foreign capital can enter …… of two handcart industry of China, component industry
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