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Two handcart market grows busy season smoothly to will appear in 11 around
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- Wuhan is secondhand the car trades the quantity produces now to slip

July, wuhan is secondhand car market trades the quantity produces now to slip. Occupy Wuhan Chinese two handcart trade on the west mart count data shows, two handcart gross was this market in July 2042, grow 4.98% compared to the same period. With 2228 photograph comparing June, reduce 186, increase scope compared to the same period also by June 10.6% drop; Trade the forehead is 92.79 million yuan, grow 7.2% compared to the same period. Integrated price is in two handcart forty-five thousand four hundred yuan of above.

As we have learned, wuhan is secondhand the car trades measure dropping basically is car and passenger car to trade the volume drops, this basically is to suffer oil price to rise influence. Oil price rises, a few consumer that want to buy two handcart begin hesitation, the consideration buys the fare raising a car after the car, postponed the plan that buy a car.

- Wen Zhou is secondhand car city with weak give priority to

Two handcart of lukewarm state city trade Chen Xia of market general manager says, wen Zhou two handcart market all the time with weak give priority to, the car, person that sees a car is bought in two handcart market very few, and in succession a few months are such, 6, 7, August is a tradition is off-season, increase oil price rise, the appetite that consumer buys a car is smaller, two handcart market trades it is inevitable that the volume drops.

- two handcart busy season will be in 11 around

Agency thinks, as a result of the influence of oil price and policy, two handcart trade in August, won't appear to change greatly in September, the arrival of busy season should be in 11 around. Wang Zhen also is told, 11 before two handcart markets of Shanghai won't appear to drift greatly, trade the volume rises should be in 11 later. Car city has silver 10 views, two handcart city also suffers the effect of new car city, in September, can appear in October trade the volume rises, with respect to eye antecedent condition looks, change won't be very big in September, predict to be able to appear in October trade estimate fast growth.

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