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Hainan standard is secondhand the car trades big talk 3 inferior can set two to
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Xinhua net big talk on September 1 report (Yang Chunhong) take a family as the car, two handcart trade also subsequently active. Hainan saves introduction of business affairs hall, to prevent to repeat construction, wasteful resource, trade according to the two handcart of Hainan the principle that quantity and convenient masses trade, it is during 915 ” of “ , big talk city, 3 inferior city can set two two handcart to trade each the market, other the city that has a requirement, county can set a two handcart to trade each the market.

Two handcart trade the market must not be engaged in running an activity without putting on record. According to introducing, two handcart trade market operator is established with what two handcart manage principal part, ought to have reach from personnel of course of study accordingly have relevant requirement, must be in at the same time since the day that obtains business license inside 60 days had filled relevant registration form, send business affairs hall to put on record with written form, the two handcart that already approved formerly trade the market reachs two handcart to manage main body to need to fill do put on record formalities. Exceed the time limit does not put on record, will write down sincere letter archives to be announced external.

Two handcart appraisal evaluates an orgnaization to want to save business affairs hall to apply for to Hainan " two handcart appraisal evaluates orgnaization approve certificate " , to industrial and commercial administration by this certificate the branch deals with change to register. Two handcart appraisal is evaluated execute bilateral and freewill principle, but the two handcart that attribute state-owned capital fund, after must be being evaluated through appraisal by concerned regulation, by " two handcart appraisal evaluates conclusion book " reach relevant data to deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register.

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