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"Transfer height " or is arrival secondhand car whether aid turn city of car of
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After September, about more than 5000 of all kinds Olympic Gameses can enter two handcart auction the market centrally with the car, this one message invites agency people itch to try.

“ sells a two handcart now, can earn 4000 to reach 5000 yuan at least, and sell a new car, probable it is deficient money, this is why the reason that agency is willing to do two handcart. An agency manages ” the personage explains to the reporter.

Town of at present car is small fan make agency active not only the way that seeks unripe money, also let a lot of people yearning for the car city blowout 2003. In those days GDP of our country average per capita breaks through 1000 dollars to close greatly, the force that the car enters a family is very feral. Nevertheless memory puts in memory 's charge, a lot of car dealer place the hope in “ to transfer now on height ” . Xin Huaxin investigation shows, the car chief commander that exceeds 7 to become transfers periodic lock is in surely 3 to 5 years, predict to transfer occurrence “ this year height ” .

So, two handcart whether aid turn city of car of second half of the year?

Xin Huaxin investigation shows, the car that has 40.3% advocate express clearly, transfer for “ first-rate when car is used opportunity ” . Lang Xuegong of vise general manager of solution of sale of Xin Huaxin car predicts, two handcart of our country traded to quantity hopeful is achieved or exceed new car sales volume 2010.

Xin Huaxin's investigation still shows, “ class raises ” is the main demand that majority consumer chooses to the model when transfer, hold the proportion of 71.4% ; The customer that has 21.3% additionally can consider different type car; The car that has 7.3% only advocate can undertake choosing in same class car. The old car that discharge an amount advocate transfer optional sex is big, scale transfers to be highlighted most in the expression in the car inside 1 year.

Nevertheless, actual condition appears with Xin Huaxin predict to have deviation. Concerned data shows, two handcart accumulative total of 31 province city of countrywide trade first half of the year this year 1.212 million, grow 15.08% compared to the same period, with last year the corresponding period of 21.94% add fast photograph to compare, glided 6.86% . And sales volume wave motion is the biggest is big quantity two handcart.

As we have learned, suffer effect of the mix on finished product oil price, the old car discharging an amount of above of many 3 years of car age by undersell, these cars make the model that sells the hardest, no matter be to buy valence or sale price, drop exceeded one to become. But still have two handcart agency,value the following in September this market. “9 buys vehicle of used is big capacity to be able to avoid the problem of consumption tax after month, conduce to the two handcart sales volume of big quantity promoting. Hua Dong of ”51 car network trades of the service center detect commissioner Fang Hengjun says to the reporter.
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