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Half moon of Olympic Games car sells 100
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Beijing Olympic Games just ends, special vehicle became Olympic Games media the popular commodities of two handcart market. Reporter from Ya Yun Cun two handcart market understood yesterday, the Olympic Games car of first sale has 138, but mere half month time already did not remain 30. It is reported, the configuration of Olympic Games car is more admirable than congener car, the price is cheaper than new car also.

According to Ya Yun Cun Yuan Bing of outstanding travel general manager introduces eminent of two handcart market, lucky wind regards car of this Olympic Games as a medium, begin from official on August 17 sale, already was booked one sky, “ luck wind many 40, wanting many 40 to come again also is for certain be swept and empty. ” and lucky wind appear on the market at the same time the Olympic Games car of the sale still has gold cup and the GL8 that fasten a gram, the price of lucky wind is 103 thousand yuan, the price of golden cup is 72 thousand yuan, the price of GL8 is 182 thousand yuan, these 3 cars all are the 7 business affairs cars to 8, the sale is very hot.

Because had been not finished,have sex finally, be less than place of car of 30 Olympic Gameses to be in Ya Yun Cun only at present two handcart market. The reporter sees in the spot, “ Olympic Games is special the mark such as name of number of 5 ” , Fu Wa, car, media, resemble the “ Id ” of these Olympic Games cars, let them appear marked all the more. The person that buy a car Mr Liu says: These “ cars are quite significant, if if can trade,succeeding, I also can leave the memento of a Beijing Olympic Games. ”

Inside Olympic Games car very neat, arrive from steering wheel, seat door, all spotless, it is wheel also cheated only thin thin ash. Yuan Bing tells a reporter, the travel course of development of car of these 138 Olympic Gameses is controlled in 2000 kilometers mostly, one most is 5000 kilometers, least ability 1000 much kilometers, they are the special car that the Olympic Games Organizing Committee offers media reporter during the Olympic Games.

Reporter discovery, special also “ arranges the car brand of Olympic Games car ” , be like 2210, 5881 etc. “138 neither one plate has the car ‘4’ . ” Yuan Bing is laughing to say, more important is, the performance of Olympic Games car is better than congener car, for example windmill of Olympic Games luck is seat of air conditioning of aluminium alloy framework, entrance, aerospace. Of Olympic Games car it is cheap to book the price and photograph of new car price to compare 2 reach 30 thousand yuan.

As we have learned, special vehicle gross makes an appointment with current Olympic Games 7000, basically divide composition by 3 ministries, it is the car that car of car sponsor masses offers, gross exceeds 5000; 2 it is the special car that service company purchases centrally, for instance 138 when book first reception that do not overcome wind of cup of GL8, gold, luck; 3 it is the Olympic Games Organizing Committee is passed short-term rented car, gross exceeds 1000.
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